In the 1980’s and early 90’s kidnapping happened and it was a parent’s worst nightmare. It still is, but without the internet and other technology, it was even harder to handle a missing child. Even if the child is twenty years old, engaged, and pregnant.

In 1991, Angela Hammond seemed to have a bright future. She was recently engaged to her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, and his plans were to join the military. She was also working at a bank while taking classes at Central Missouri State University. She was also going to be a mother as she recently became pregnant.

However on April 4, 1991, just before midnight she was at a payphone, approximately 7 blocks from Rob’s home and she was speaking with him when she noticed a creepy truck drive past her several times, and then stop.

The driver was an unkempt man, filthy as he was described over the phone to her fiancée. She was in the phone booth and the man went into the one next to her and then out again, rooting around in his truck. Shortly after, Rob heard Angela screaming, and a male voice stating “I didn’t need to use the phone anyway.”

Immediately Rob raced out of his house and chased the truck that Angela was in. It was a green older model Ford truck with a fish scene in the back window. Rob chased after them for a few miles until his car broke down due to his abrupt stopping and chasing after the truck. Angela was not seen again.

Initially Rob was suspected of the crime against Angela. She was pregnant, and they were planning to get married, but would that disrupt the plans that Rob had for joining the military? Thankfully, police investigated him and declared him innocent.

But who had taken Angela and why? Unfortunately for us and Angela’s family and friends, we don’t know the answers to those questions.

In April of 2021, a tip had come in stating that the case of Angela Hammond may have been a case of mistaken identity. On the night Angela was abducted, the police had received a ransom style note from an unnamed informant.

The informant’s wife and daughter – who was also named Angela – were living in Clinton at the time. Police think his daughter may have been the intended target, given they had the same name. and are said to have looked ‘strikingly similar.’

The informant had been involved in a significant narcotics case and had disrupted some drug business. But if the police had this note for since Angela had been abducted, why hasn’t she been found?

Stay Curious my Friends!


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