Moosham Castle

I didn’t know this place existed until recently. Had I known when I was in Austria I would have checked it out. But now that I know I will just have to visit again.

In Unternberg, Austria, you will find a castle that has a history that goes back to 1191. The Moosham Castle has a history of the Zaubererjackl Witch Trials, and werewolf hunts.

After construction of the castle it was seized in 1285 by Prince Archbishops of Salzburg. Later in the 14th century it was the residence of the episcopal burgrave.

The castle was rebuilt and extended in 1495. Due to numerous battles the Moosham castle and its grounds were witness to overwhelming death.

Starting in 1675 to 1690 Moosham was center stage for the Salzburg Witch Trials. The trial, sentencing, and execution were all held here.

During the trials, 139 people died, primarily men. All but 2 were beggars. 39 of these deaths were children under 14 years old. The accusers preferred slow torture and then when they were close to death they would hand them or behead them.

After the trials it was business as usual until the late 18th century, when reports of deer and cattle were found dead. The ‘logical’ conclusion was werewolves. For this belief, the residents were rounded up and murdered for their nocturnal predilections.

In 1886, Count Johann Nepomuk Wilczek purchased and renovated the property. The family retains the property to this day.

Even though it is a private property it is open to tour. People have reported hearing screams from the Witch Trials and stated that werewolves still prowl the grounds.

Happy Hunting!

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