Duran Sanitorium

I’m back into the mood of the Paranormal. It’s going to be a safe bet to assume that I won’t be in the festive Christmas spirit for very long or at all. This isn’t my holiday; I do the things I do simply for my girls. I love to make that magic of Christmas happen for them, but really, I could do without it all. To make sure that I do not get submerged into the most wonderful time of the year, I want to share with you some information about the Duran Sanitorium.

The Duran Sanitorium is located in Costa Rica and was once the state-of-the-art hospital for tuberculosis. Originally built in 1915, Dr. Carlos Duran was trying to find a cure for the affliction, and it was personal. His own daughter suffered from the disease.

The hospital was thought to be in an ideal location as it was at the perfect altitude, sun exposure, proximity to clean water, temperature, humidity, and wind levels. Tuberculosis was highly contagious, and the hospital was helping up to 300 patients at a time, primarily cared for by nuns.

After a time, the hospital began to accept patients that were mentally ill. But by the 1960’s its purpose was changed. The patients who were mentally ill were transferred to other hospitals that were more humane, and it became an orphanage. And later it was a minimum- and maximum-security prison. In the 1970’s the property was closed due to damage from a volcanic eruption.

Personally, it sounds like the Duran Sanitorium hit a grand slam with its history, seeing as all its manifestations could leave a dark stain on the property and those that may have suffered and died on the grounds may not have left.

There are many ghost stories that one could learn about, here are a few that are most common:

  • Many report the sighting of an older nun in the Sanitorium. However instead of fearing the specter, it is reported to be a good omen for those who were sick, and it’s believed she is still there today to treat and care for others.
  • Another common sighting is that of a little girl, believed to be the daughter of Dr. Carlos Duran. She sadly passed away despite her father’s best efforts to treat her. She had spent much of her life in the sanitorium, and many today believe she is still around. Her spirit is usually seen on the many staircases and on top of the rooftops.
  • Another spirit that resides is that of an older female with pure white hair, pale skin, and wearing a blue dress. She mostly looks out the windows and roams the halls before she disappears. It is unknown if she was a patient or staff member.
  • Many other supernatural instances have occurred. People have reported shadow figures, former patients, prisoners, and children. Sounds of children playing, laughing and whispering. Moans of pain from empty cells, and disturbances to electrical equipment.

Whether the buildings are haunted is always for you to decide. If you do ever visit, it is open from 8am – 5pm daily, and there is a small fee to enter. Happy Hunting!

Stay Curious my Friends!

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