Setting Spray

I feel like I let you all down. I walked you through steps to care for your face, and apply makeup, if you choose to do that. But I left you all hanging, I didn’t tell you how to finish the makeup look! I forget that last step, setting spray.

So, let’s get down to what setting spray is and why you may want to use it. We have discussed various types of makeup, and your only limitations are your own imagination. You of course are lovely just as you are, but if you wanted to make your outside more lovely, then make up can help you.

No matter what type of makeup styles you prefer to create, one of the best ways to keep your hard work from fading, smudging, or moving during the day is to use a setting spray to keep it locked in place.

Besides offering a layer of protection, setting sprays are also made to bond with makeup and help it last longer on your skin. Using a setting spray to hold makeup in place is comparable to using hairspray to keep a hairstyle in place once you’re finished creating it.

Setting sprays are typically made to be quick-drying products. After spritzing your face with one, you can fan your face for a few seconds afterward to encourage it to dry quicker.  Some makeup artists who create looks that must survive extreme wear, such as on filming sets or for outdoor wedding parties, suggest adding a spritz of setting spray after the application of each individual makeup product.

Setting sprays are also excellent for the not-so-extreme makeup-wearing occasions. Most of us don’t want to run off every couple hours to reapply a makeup product because we’ve accidentally smudged it or worn it off by eating or drinking. A few spritzes at the end of your makeup application would typically be enough to be fresh without reapplication trips.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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