Christmas Movie – Miracle on 34th Street

Originally this movie was released in 1947 with a young Natalie Wood. But I am sharing the 1994 version. This movie is a classic, and one that everyone can enjoy. It may help provide that holiday magic that we sometimes lose.

The movie centers on a department store in New York. It’s before Christmas, and there is a street parade, that ends with Santa Claus. Unfortunately for Dorey Walker, her Santa is drunk. She needs to find a new Santa and fast. Luckily for her a gentleman, who can fit the part is nearby and gladly offers to help.

The parade is a success, and now Santa is sitting in the said department store having all the kids sit on his lap. Susan Walker, Dorey’s daughter, is observing him and realizes that there is something different about this Santa. Having learned the “truth” from her mother when she was younger, Susan is everything but believing when she first meets the store’s new Santa.

The Santa goes by the name Kriss Kringle and seems to be able to spread joy and cheer, and helps Susan more than expected, he helps her believe in the magic of Christmas again.

Miracle on 34th Street stars:

  • Richard Attenborough – Kriss Kringle
  • Elizabeth Perkins – Dorey Walker
  • Dylan McDermott – Bryan Bedford
  • Mara Wilson – Susan Walker
  • Robert Prosky – Judge Harper

Happy Holidays!

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