Christmas Movie – Home Alone

Home Alone is a perfect family movie. It is one we watch all the time, every year, and even during the non-holiday season. In 1990, we were introduced to Kevin, Marv, and Harry. We also all wanted to stay Home Alone and foil a burglary attempt. But I don’t think that happened for any of us.

Home Alone begins a few days before Christmas, when the McAllister’s are planning a trip to France to be with family. Not only is it Kevin and his family, a total of seven people, but it’s his Uncle, Aunt, and cousins as well, in all 15 people traveling from Chicago to Paris.

It’s the night before they leave and the police are checking to ensure that the house is secure during the holidays, and when he is assured they have automatic lights and locks on their doors, the officer leaves.

The next morning however, only 14 people arrive to the airport. Young Kevin McAllister is left home alone, and soon believes he made his family disappear. Being 8 years old, Kevin runs amuck through the house. Eating junk food, watching movies he wasn’t able to watch before, and going through his brother’s private stuff.

After awhile, he misses his family. But he learns there is a burglar in the neighborhood, and has to defend his house from them. Between planning a way to thwart the burglars, hiding from the next door neighbor, and no longer fearing the furnace in the basement, Kevin has quite the adventures while he’s home alone.

Home Alone stars:

  • Macauley Culkin – Kevin
  • Joe Pesci – Harry
  • Daniel Stern – Marv
  • John Heard – Peter
  • Catherine O’Hara – Kate
  • Roberts Blossom – Marley

This is one to enjoy multiple times in the year, enjoy the show!

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