Anderson Family Massacre

This was my true crime case for yesterday, however, with working all day and caring for my kids, time was not in my favor last night. But I didn’t want to miss this one, as it’s a case that was on Christmas in 2007. Let’s review the Anderson Family Massacre.

Carnation, WA, six people were killed. The reason for the murders: Money. On Christmas Eve, Joseph Thomas McEnroe and his girlfriend Michele Kristen Anderson drove to her parent’s home. Wayne and Judy Anderson, were at home and welcomed them inside.

The Anderson Home

What Wayne and Judy didn’t know was that their visitors weren’t there for a friendly visit, or a holiday with family. They were both armed, and while Joseph distracted Judy while she was wrapping gifts, Michele tried to shoot her father in the other room, but her gun jammed. Joseph then killed both Wayne and Judy Anderson.

Michele was aware that her older brother, Scott and his family were coming over. The two killers dragged the lifeless bodies of Wayne and Judy outside and then cleaned the house of any blood. And then they waited.

Top Left to Right: Wayne, Judy, and Scott Anderson
Bottom Left to Right: Erica, Olivia, and Nathan Anderson

When Scott and his family arrived, it wasn’t long before Michele shot her brother several times, killing him. Both Michele and Joseph shot Erica, Scott’s wife, and wounding her. She was able to get to the cordless phone and dial 9-1-1, before Joseph ripped the phone out of her hands and smashed it on the floor. Joseph then delivered the fatal shot that killed her.

Scott and Erica had two children, five year old Olivia, and three year old Nathan. Michele stated that the kids should die as they didn’t want witnesses, and didn’t want the children scarred for life seeing their parents killed. Joseph is the one that shot both of the children.

Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe

The police were dispatched due to Erica’s emergency call. Michele had run out and locked the gate when she realized the call went through. The police didn’t investigate any further than the locked gate. The family wouldn’t be discovered for two days.

On December 26, the bodies were found at home. The friend and co-worker of Judy, Linda Thiele went to the house to see why Judy missed work. She looked in the window and saw the bodies on the floor. She called 9-1-1.

While the detectives were on the property, Joseph and Michele drove up, and were then brought in for questioning. It didn’t take long for them to admit to the murders.

Recreation of the living room crime scene, used during trial.

They waived their right to appear in court and Joseph was convicted of aggravated first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Michele was also found guilty of six counts of aggravated first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Michele had alleged that she had loaned her brother some money and he hadn’t paid it back, and her parents had slighted and mistreated her.

Be kind, make good choices, be safe

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