Christmas Movie – Home Alone 2

Yesterday I posted Home Alone as the movie for the 12 Movies of Christmas, today it’s the second one. This is also a great holiday movie, in the movie it’s a year later. And instead of going to Paris, the McAllisters (and Uncle Franks family) are going to have Christmas in Florida.

Kevin isn’t excited as he can’t understand how you can have Christmas without a tree. Similarly with the previous movie, the power goes out and they are again rushing to get to the airport. Before they leave the house, Kate is handing out tickets and comes to Kevin….but he is in the front of the van, and is there to go with the family.

Getting to the airport and racing to the gate, Kevin pauses to change some batteries (Kids always find the wrong time to do things)and doesn’t get onto the right plane. As his family jets down to Florida, Kevin is on his way to New York.

Being lost and on his own in New York, Kevin lives it up. He again eats junk food, plays tricks on the hotel staff, and visits an amazing toy store. But who also shows up in New York? Harry and Marv. They escaped from prison and are now looking to knock over an amazing toy store.

Kevin learns that his pals from last year are in the big apple, and as he plots to stop them from stealing from kids, he makes new friends, a homeless lady who care for the birds in Central Park, and a man who works at the toy store.

Be sure to check out the movie if you want to see what Kevin can do against two burglars in one of the largest cities in the world!

Home Alone 2 Stars:

  • Macauley Culkin – Kevin
  • Joe Pesci – Harry
  • Daniel Stern – Marv
  • John Heard – Peter
  • Catherine O’Hara – Kate
  • Tim Curry – Concierge
  • Brenda Fricker – Pigeon Lady
  • Eddie Bracken – Mr. Duncan

Enjoy the Movie!!

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