Christmas Movie – Die Hard

This movie is one that many people will disagree over. Is it a Christmas movie, or is it not a Christmas movie? I believe to be a Christmas movie as the entire movie takes place during Christmas, at a Christmas party.

Die Hard is also an action movie, and one that I certainly stand behind as I am not a big supporter of Christmas. So here is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

NYPD cop John McClane is invited out to Los Angeles by his wife Holly, who currently works at the Nakatomi Corporation, for Christmas. Unbeknownst to either of them, during the Christmas party at her work, it is overtaken by a group of German terrorists, who are planning the ultimate heist. It’s almost perfect, except they didn’t plan on one rogue cop, and his ability to mess with them completely.

Unable to get in contact with the police John does his best to save the hostages, including his wife, and stop the heist that is planned. Is John good enough to do all of this before Santa makes his way through town?

Die Hard stars:

  • Bruce Willis – John McClane
  • Alan Rickman – Hans Gruber
  • Bonnie Bedelia – Holly
  • Paul Gleason – Dwayne T. Robinson
  • William Atherton – Thornburg

If you believe this one is not a Christmas movie, you will be happy to know we did have some other runners up in this year’s 12 Movies of Christmas. Check out one of these movies instead:

  • Christmas With the Kranks
  • Four Christmases
  • Jingle All the Way
  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • White Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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