The Bucket List

2021 is ending, for me in about 3 hours, all I can say is “Thank goodness!” This has been the worst year of my life. Hands down, no comparison, it was one I wouldn’t relive again for any amount of money. But as we are winding down a year, I wanted to review the things that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. Some things have been removed from the list either because I’ve done them, or because I no longer want to do them.

Why have a bucket list, it could be considered rather morbid, or depressing knowing that you have that finite amount of time and when you look at your list you start trying to do the math, and I barely passed that in high school. But I like to have goals, maybe I will never ride a camel in the Sahara, or see Emperor penguins in Antarctica, but if the opportunity arises to do either of those things, you will find me getting sunburn in Egypt, or getting sunburn in Antarctica.

I also have many other goals on my bucket list; visit the Anne Frank house, visit all 50 US states, watch my children get married. There are many things. In partnership with a Bucket List, is the Anti-Bucket List. Things you will never see me do. If I ever do them, please know I have been kidnapped and doing these against my will; Eat balut (look it up if you are unfamiliar. If this is part of your culture, no offense is given, I applaud you, but I couldn’t do it. Ever.) I don’t have a desire to zipline in a jungle, nor do I want to walk across a high wire between two skyscrapers. And you will not find me handling snakes, and never will I be hanging out with bats.

I am open for new experiences and am willing to consider new things, but these few things I don’t see myself doing. Periodically throughout the coming year, I will be discussing my Bucket List, and would love to hear things that you have on your bucket list. Maybe we have something in common!

Thank you all for being with me this year and continuing to be me with in 2022. Have a happy New Year (Yell Jumanji to get out of this GD game). Be safe, healthy, and happy!

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