The Skin Issue

Yes, it’s a play on those magazines that proclaim that their new issue is going to be solely focused on that one elusive thing, the female orgasm, the husband that loves to clean the house, or the best way to declutter and upcycle all those old bed sheets you have. You know what I mean, and if not, check out the newsstand and you will see them all proclaim it at one point or another.

So, let’s talk about some skin issues that at times we may have. Some of us may not, but for the majority of us we will have some and possibly all of these at some time in our lives. ***The Disclaimer – I am not a licensed, certified, or professional skin care provider. These are simply tips, and anytime you have an issue please reach out to your medical doctor for assistance. ***

Dry Skin – This could include dry patches, eczema, psoriasis, or seasonal dry skin.

**If you have psoriasis or eczema, please follow your doctors’ instructions. My husband has psoriasis, and he has to use prescribed treatments only. My daughter has eczema and was prescribed medication to help, but thankfully seems to have outgrown the worst of it. **

Dry skin happens at any time when our skin loses its moisture. It could be from lack of drinking water, hard work where we sweat more than normal, sickness, too much alcohol, or one of the above-mentioned afflictions. So, what is a person supposed to do to it?

  1. Apply a good moisturizer to help lock in the moisture you still have in your skin. Ideally, we should apply moisturizer daily, and after bathing.
  2. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Soda, sports drinks, juices do not hydrate you like water will. If you need to jazz it up, add fruit or flavoring into the water to change it up a little. Personally, I like lemon in my water.
  3. Sunscreen. If you get sunburn, you are drying out your skin even more. You can also wear protective clothing in any season, sunglasses, hats, etc.
  4. When in the shower/bath, use warm water instead of hot water, it will limit the drying effect and help retain moisture.

Contact your doctor if your dry skin interferes with daily activities, is accompanied by scaling/peeling/infection, or cracks that bleed.

Back Acne – Bacne, it’s something that many of us have had, or still have. Probably started when our bodies were going through puberty and for some of use it still is all too common. But luckily it can be treated. Here are some of the reasons it happens, and a general idea on what to do to perhaps correct it.

  1. Excessive oil production and hormones – Not only do you notice it when your body is becoming an adult, but some people notice it midlife, when again their bodies and their hormones are changing; I highly recommend not asking a woman of a certain age why she has acne at her age…you may not appreciate the menopausal demon that comes out.
  2. Friction from clothing or accessories – If you notice that you have some spots coming out on your shoulder or other parts of your body, it may be from a bra strap, how you carry your bag, or even from the detergent you use to wash your clothes.
  3. Failure to wash your skin regularly – If you work out regularly you may be curious as to why you are getting breakouts. Well look at what you do post-workout. Are you changing it out of your sweaty workout clothes as soon as you can? Are you taking a quick shower to wash away the sweat and any bacteria you may have accumulated during your workout? Are you washing your workout clothes regularly? If you aren’t doing any of these, maybe a change in those habits will help eliminate any bacne.

Body Scars – First of all, scars are nothing to be embarrassed about, they are simply a trophy for surviving. But I understand that they are not something that people want to have others focus on, so if there are scars that are easily seen, you may want to look into options to fade them if possible. I have a scar on my forehead, not from an evil curse, but from my own gracefulness and tripping in my garage. Here are a couple options that may help you fade a scar that you don’t want people to ask about.

  1. Research Verified Scar Repair – This is a two-part treatment, one is the Repair Gel, which contains medical grade silicone and then a Rejuvenating Cream containing onion bulb extract, aloe vera, allantoin, vitamin E, and the oils of emu, safflower, sunflower, and jojoba. $69 online.
  2. DermaRESTORE – This is also a good product if you are looking for scar fading. It doesn’t have the same ingredients as the Research Verified product, but it does have some of the same. It contains the aloe vera and the emu oil but doesn’t have the medical grade silicone or onion bulb extract which are needed for scar fading. $28.96 on Amazon.

There are probably many other issues that we have with our bodies, but we need to realize they are all unique and they are all beautiful. If there is something you would add to this list and would like me to make another posting about it, please comment!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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