Hello again my lovelies. It’s another Sunday and I’m here again to discuss another beauty topic. The battle rages on, we are trying to beat back the areas of our skin that are not to our standards. We may be okay with some issues, and you are not required to do any of these things at all. These are simply ways for you to feel better about your skin, and ultimately the beautiful body that you have.

St. Exfoliation, the patron saint of soft skin. This isn’t something you need to do daily; in fact, it may not be good for your body if you did do it daily. For the last few weeks, I have been doing a full exfoliation weekly. While sitting in a warm tub, I soak for about 5 minutes to soften my skin to allow me to get off the dry skin off easier. And then I use either a homemade sugar exfoliator (sugar, oil, lemon juice) or one from Tree Hut.

I start with about a small palm full of scrub, and work it thoroughly along my arms, focusing on my elbows and any other areas that may be dry, or rough. I even exfoliate under my arms and let me say that by doing that I have noticed a considerable difference in how my underarms look. It’s softer, less rough overall, and it seems to have helped with the appearance of darkness.

After I have done my arms, I will then do my neck, chest, and stomach. These areas are not as dry, but I still ensure that I do them once a week. Once the upper part of my body is scrubbed, I then rinse it off and work on my legs.

On my legs I again start with a palm sized amount of product, and then starting from my feet I focus on the soles, and especially my heels. (I will be having a more in-depth article about cracked heels later.) After I again work my way up my legs focusing on those areas that are usually the driest, ankles, knees, or any other patches that come along.

After ensuring that I have exfoliated all the areas that need it, I again rinse off and then use a cloth to wash off any of the exfoliation product. Then it’s time to get out and moisturize my skin.

Next week it will be all about the moisturizers that you can use on your skin. But until then, remember you are beautiful as you are, and anything you choose to do is absolutely enough.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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