The Lesbian Vampire Killer

**This post contains photos of crime scenes, please use discretion when viewing**

We are finishing up the month with the last vampire case I have for you, at this time. This case comes from Australia, and involves four young women who murdered a man, for no other reason than to watch him die, and reportedly drink his blood. Here is the case of Tracey Wigginton, the Lesbian Vampire Killer.

Tracey was born in August 1965 and became infamous in Australia in 1989 for “one of the most brutal and bizarre crimes Australia has ever seen.” And this is coming from a country originally founded by criminals and has seen the likes of Katherine Knight, David and Catherine Birnie, and Ivan Milat.

Tracey was raised in Rockhampton with her maternal grandparents, who had adopted her at the age of three when her mother was no longer able to care for her. Tracey claimed that her grandparents were both controlling and abusive, physically and sexually. When Tracey was 15, her grandparents died and left her with $75,000. She moved in briefly with her mother, who was not accepting of Tracey being a lesbian, but then moved in with a family friend.

Tracey had often been fascinated with the occult and Black Arts. She would read tarot cards, carry occult symbols with her and used blood to draw occult symbols. At the age of 24, Tracey was immersed in this lifestyle. She also met other lesbians with similar interests and maintained friendships with them. Tracey had allegedly killed animals to drink their blood and had been planning to murder a man so that she could “feed” on him.

On the night of the murder the four women; Tracey Wigginton (24), her friends Lisa Ptaschinski (24), Tracy Waugh (23) and Kim Jervis (23) had been out drinking and then drove around to find their victim. It wouldn’t be long before they found one.

October 20, 1989, Edward Baldock, 47, a father of four, and a council worker, and spent the night heavily drinking and playing darts with friends. He was waiting for a taxi when four women in a car picked him up and offered him sex. The group drove to the Brisbane River, where Edward undressed, and Tracey had left him alone for a short time to get the other girls, Lisa, Kim, and Tracy. When she had walked away, she had dropped her bank card, which Edward put in his shoe thinking it was his.

Crime Scene of Edward Baldock

Returning with a knife, Tracey and her accomplices would stab Edward 27 times in the head, neck and back, the opening was the size of a bread-and-butter plate, approximately 6-7 inches in diameter. Tracey made a deep slash to her victim’s throat and drank his blood to impress her friends. After her arrest she said that Edward made a “gargling” noise and she saw the blood come out of his mouth. She sat down and “watched him die”.

The police arrived the next day, and found Edwards’s clothing, neatly folded and his shoes with them. Inside his shoe they found a bank card with the name, Tracey Wigginton on it. It wasn’t long before the police arrested all four women.

Tracey was the only one who pled guilty to the charge of murder. Because of that there was no trial for her and very few details about the crime were disclosed to the court. In 1991, a jury convicted Tracey Wigginton of murder and sentenced her to life in prison. Tracey served 22 years before being paroled in 2012.

The other women were also tried:

  • Lisa Ptaschinski was convicted of murder; she was sentenced to life in prison. In Queensland that meant 20 years or less.
  • Kim Jervis was convicted of manslaughter, she was sentenced to 18 years, but was reduced to 12 years on appeal.
  • Tracy Waugh was acquitted, the courts believed she had no active part in the murder and even tried to convince Kim Jervis to not participate.

Tracey Wigginton, currently 56, is now living in Tamborine, Queensland, and uses an assumed name when posting online. The name she uses is Oberon Fairchild and her posts on social media are disturbing. Her posts include statements such as: “Now panic because I’m back.” and she is posting images of vampires, witches, bones and skulls.

The detectives say this is consistent with the Tracey they arrested 30 years ago. But they are also quick to state that her parole should be revoked due to her social media posts.

Be strong, make good choices, be safe

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