Overtoun Bridge

I’ve said it before, Scotland is in my soul. And all that the country offers I want to embrace, except this one. The Overtoun Bridge has a bad reputation, it’s dubbed the Dog Suicide Bridge.

In 1895 the bridge known as Overtoun Bridge was completed. It is located near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire and is on the road approaching Overtoun House.

Since the 1950’s and possibly before that but unreported, dogs have been reported to either fall off the bridge or jump from the bridge. There have been numerous theories ranging from natural accidents to paranormal activity.

The house on one side of the bridge, Overtoun House, now owned by Texas pastor Bob Hill and his wife Melissa, claim that they have seen numerous dogs become agitated, jump up, and then fall from the bridge over the side. It is reported that over 600 dogs have jumped off the bridge but survived the fall. At least 50 dogs have died.

There have been numerous stories about unusual behavior in the dogs that walk near and on the bridge. Here are a few of the more popular ones.

  • 2014, Springer Spaniel, Cassie, was an obedient dog and therefore did not have a leash on, was staring at something on the bridge. She then jumped. Her owners think something sinister was going on as it was so out of character for her.
  • 2014, Dr. David Sands, canine psychologist, suggested that the dogs are drawn to the odor of minks in the surrounding foliage. Bob Hill is under the belief that the dogs are attracted to the smell of small animals in the surrounding woods as well and this is the true reason for the dogs jumping. This is the least supported theory
  • Local teacher, Paul Owens, believes the bridge and the Overtoun House are haunted by ghosts. He claims the dogs are sensitive to this and the “dark spirits” lure the dogs to their deaths.
  • The White Lady of Overtoun – This is an often-seen ghost of a local woman who died in 1908. She had never gotten over the death of her husband, and she maintains a presence on the bridge stirring the dogs into a death frenzy.
  • In October of 1994, a real tragedy occurred at the bridge. Kevin Moy was on the bridge with his son, Eoghan who was two weeks old. Kevin believed that his son was the incarnation of the devil due to a birthmark. Believing he was saving his son from demons, Kevin threw the baby off the side of the bridge, killing him. Kevin was a paranoid schizophrenic, and later attempted suicide before being placed in a mental hospital.
    • It is said that the dogs tend to jump from the same place that the baby was thrown from. The belief is that the act committed left a supernatural rift that affects the dogs.

Regardless of what causes the dogs to attempt to jump from the bridge, it’s best to keep your dogs on a leash when walking near or on the bridge.

Stay Curious my Friends!

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