Wisconsin – Brumder Mansion

At 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, you will find a Victorian/Gothic mansion that is currently a bed and breakfast. It is touted as Wisconsin’s Most Haunted House. Let’s learn about the Brumder Mansion and their hauntings.

The red brick home has been restored to its prime, and the furnishings and decor take guests back to the early 20th century. The basement houses a recreation space that is used as a theater and is often having productions there.

The first floor has a large parlor, foyer, dining room, library, and a large kitchen. You will find architectural elements that make the house feel legitimate such as: hand carved fireplaces, beveled glass windows, and a Tiffany-stained glass and ceramic mosaic tiled fireplace. This focal point was designed by George Mann Neideken who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright.

A hand carved banister takes guests upstairs where three guestrooms are found. The George Suite and the Emma Suite have spa tubs and marble showers, the Gold Suite has a private bath. Another staircase leads you to the third floor where the last two guest rooms are found. The Marion Suite and the Gyneth Suite, both popular with couples.

The George Suite

The mansion is named after George Brumder Sr. who became wealthy with his publishing of German language newspapers, reading material and sheet music. He had passed away in 1910 before the house was completed. His son, George Jr, completed the house for his father.

The Brumders lived in the home until the 1920’s when it was sold to Sam Pick and his brother Ed. What George didn’t know was that Sam and Ed were working for Al Capone and were setting up night clubs and speakeasies hoping to get in on the black market for liquor, gambling and prostitution in Milwaukee.

In the mid-1930’s an English couple owned the home and due to the upkeep being too expensive the couple began to rent out rooms to employees at a nearby company. Students also rented rooms there.

In 1948, the Our Saints Lutheran Church purchased the house and several properties around it for their cathedral. They used the Brumder Mansion as a parsonage and for church activities.

The church owned the Mansion until 1996 when it was purchased for $75,000 by Carol and Bob Hirschi. Their goal was to rehabilitate the restore the mansion to its former glory and create a bed and breakfast.

As of 2008 the home was purchased by Tom and Julie Carr.

The owners still say that the house is haunted and there are ghostly visitors who come at certain times of the year, some are permanent residents. Here are a few with the most frequent guests:

  • Suzanne – She is an older female entity and a strong spirit. She was originally the Brumder family’s housekeeper and moved with them to their new home. She likes to continue her duties by keeping things in order and helping when she can. She prefers the Gold Suite.
  • Lorraine – A female entity, newly discovered. Lorraine worked for Sam Pick as a housekeeper/cook. She can be feisty. She prefers to be in the office area, the kitchen, dining room, or the parlor. Lorraine tries to be helpful. She prefers the Emma Room.
  • Elizabeth – Female entity, Carolyn’s mother. Elizabeth is a polite older Southern lady who sits in the library. She is a calm; warm influence and her aura fills the foyer and second floor.
  • Carolyn – Female entity, daughter of Elizabeth, approximately 22. She prefers the Gold Suite and the George Suite. She is fun loving and enjoys when investigators come to the mansion as she gets bored. She is most often to interact with guests.
  • Evalyn – Middle aged female entity. Suspected to be the wife of Ed Pick, but not confirmed. She is quiet, sensitive and can be happy and sad. She will sit at the windows but also helps the living. She prefers the Gyneth Suite, the Marion Suite, and the Gold Suite. Evalyn’s daughter Sarah, who was 5, died of a fever and Evalyn has spoken to investigators that she stays in the mansion to see her daughter who comes and goes.
  • The entity known as The Good Doctor – Described as around 60 years old with a beard, he can be found around the mansion but likes the George Suite and Marion Suite. He’s a fun-loving jokester and is looking for his medical bag.
  • Doug – Maintenance Man entity – A Scottish man who was large. He’s great at fixing things and taking them apart. He will also have fun with investigators.
  • Joe – Another large man entity. Joe was the enforcer when the speakeasy was operating in the basement. He would normally watch the crowds in the basement during plays. At times Joe likes to grab the butts of females.

The bed and breakfast remain open for guests and tours. Please reach out to them directly for any requirements for the pandemic or reservations.

Stay Weird Wisconsin!

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