I don’t understand why people cheat on their spouses. There are many ways to end a relationship, if you have fallen out of love with your spouse, to lessen any further heartbreak just be honest and divorce. But to think that you can play God and murder someone so that you can be with your new lover, that just seems asinine. Apparently, the people in this case did not think the same thing. Here is the tale of Randy Stone.

March 31, 2010, a member of the community was found shot to death at his insurance office. Randy Stone was 42 years old and a former US Marine. His wife Teresa had found him in his office, dead. She called 911 immediately and police arrived quickly. They ruled out robbery as a motive as his money was still in his possession. But a .40 caliber bullet was what ended his life.

Randy and Teresa Stone had known each other since they were kids. They married in 1991 and would have two children. Randy was active in his church, drove the church buses and taught Sunday school, one of his closest friends was the pastor, David Love. David was the one who would deliver a stirring heartfelt eulogy.

“We weep not just because of the separation of our loved one but because of the questions that death brings,” Love can be heard saying during the police recording of his eulogy for Randy. “Questions like why, why him? Why now?”

The police were curious of that as well. There was no real motive that they could see, but then they found evidence that perhaps the killer was much closer than initially thought.

Rumors began to circulate that Teresa Stone and David Love were having an affair. In fact, it had been going on for over a decade. The lovers communicated via email and with prepaid cellphones. Teresa even admitted to being pregnant at one time by David, but miscarried the child. She convinced Randy the child was his, even though he had previously had a vasectomy.

Police questioned Teresa about the murder and she provided an alibi with times and receipts. Nobody has that much recollection of their whereabouts unless they are planning to need that much. But the police had one item that they were most curious about, a torn-up letter in the trash can near her desk in the insurance office. For this Teresa didn’t have an answer.

Leaving her in the room alone, police were able to hear, and the camera recorded Teresa as saying, “Oh great. I forgot about that.” She then explained that it was from and unknown secret admirer and it was nothing. But the police were already suspicious.

Other who were close to Teresa were becoming suspicious too. Robert Davis was a friend of Randy’s and was also an insurance agent. Teresa had visited him asking about Randy’s life insurance and when it would pay out. Randy hadn’t even been dead 24 hours yet.

But Teresa wasn’t the only one that was acting suspiciously, David Love was also acting odd since the death of Randy. After Teresa had called a friend, Pastor David Trump and provided her alibi to him and then asked about his wife and daughter. Pastor Trump called Pastor Love to confirm if Randy was really dead, and David Love also provided his own alibi.

Pressing Teresa for more information, as the police had already suspected that Teresa and David knew more than they were saying. Teresa finally revealed that she and David Love had been having an affair.

She continued by saying that “Brother Love” had told her that Randy had been shot. “He said he walked in the office and he just aimed and he didn’t look,” Teresa said on a police recording.

It all began to come out. Two weeks before the murder, Teresa had texted David her desire for Randy to be dead. David had intentions to murder his wife by breaking her neck and driving her car down a steep slope.

Teresa finally admitted what happened.

She let David into their garage and gave him access to Randy’s gun safe. The murder weapon was Randy’s own gun, which was later destroyed. After Randy was dead, and she had “discovered” the body, Teresa called her mother and then waited for a few minutes before calling 911.

Randy Stone, loving father, devoted husband, and respected veteran, died so his wife could take his $800,000 life insurance policy and start a new life with her lover. But Randy had changed the beneficiaries to his two children, Michael and Miranda.

Eight months after Randy was murdered, police arrested Pastor David Love. He took a plea deal in November of 2011, and was sentenced to life in prison, he is eligible for parole in 2036.

Teresa was also arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison for her participation in the crime. She has since been released and now resides in Kansas City, MO.

If you wish to read the eulogy for Randy Stone written and read by his murderer, you can read it here: https://fox4kc.com/news/read-eulogy-for-randy-stone-given-by-man-who-killed-him/

Be strong, make good choices, be safe

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