Robert Limon

I think this case will present another reason why love triangles are never a good idea, even if you have an open marriage. Let’s talk about the case of Robert, Sabrina and Jonathan.

Robert and Sabrina married on August 19, 2000, and moved from Arizona to Silver Lakes, California. Robert worked as a mechanic for the local railroad, and Sabrina worked part time at the local Costco. She would also raise the two children that the couple had. The outward appearance showed a perfect family, but behind closed doors things were not as they seemed. About 8 years into their marriage, the couple began to open their marriage and become swingers. Sabrina claims she did not want to do this but went along with it to please Robert.

Sabrina and Robert

Approximately a year after deciding to have an open marriage, Sabrina would meet Jonathan Hearn while she was working at Costco. Jonathan was 22 years old when he met Sabrina. She was 11 years older than he was but that did not matter to him. She gave him samples and her phone number and soon the two were texting non-stop and then they became lovers.

Robert didn’t like the affair with Jonathan, and for a couple in an open marriage you would think it would be acceptable. But it seems that even when you are allowed to have sexual relationships with other people there are still some people you are not allowed to be with. Robert asked Sabrina to stop seeing Jonathan. But she chose to keep the relationship a secret.

Jonathan and Sabrina

Yet, despite their 11-year age gap, Sabrina also wanted a future with Jonathan. During the trial that was held later, Jonathon state that he and Sabrina had plans to marry, and he would become a stepfather to Sabrina’s two children with Robert. He said that their goal was to have the children raised by “godly” parents.

Is anyone else thinking that by eliminating Robert that the happy couple have already lost their “godly” recognition?

Robert Limon

On August 17, 2014, Robert was at work, and had returned to the office around 5pm. At one point, Sabrina had told Jonathan where her husband worked, his schedule. They had also hatched other plans to kill Robert before he was shot twice at work and would die at the scene. Not until later would more details emerge about this crime of greed and passion.

Shortly after the murder of Robert Limon, Jonathan Hearn was identified as the gunman, and was arrested in November 2014. Initially Sabrina was arrested as well but there wasn’t enough evidence to make any charges stick.

Eventually, three years later, and two days before his trial was to start, Jonathan agreed to tell the authorities everything. He never denied he pulled the trigger, but he stated that Sabrina was the mastermind behind it all. He admitted that shooting Robert was the third plan Sabrina had concocted. Originally in April 2014, Sabrina put arsenic poisoning into some banana pudding that she packed in Robert’s lunch. But fearing they would get caught she told him to throw it away as it was bad. Their next plan was to set his car on fire and kill Robert that way. But as Jonathan was a fireman, it was feared he would be tasked with saving him.

Nine months later, Sabrina was on trial for the murder of her husband. Jonathan, having already pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, was the prosecution’s star witness. As per his plea agreement, Jonathan Hearn was sentenced to 25 years and four months, with the chance of early parole. Jonathan is eligible for parole in 2028.

Prosecutors showed that Sabrina would inherit $300,000 from a life insurance policy and would gain other benefits from his death. Sabrina admitted to the affair, but denied she had anything to do with her husband’s murder. Jonathan’s testimony was key to her being found guilty after six hours of deliberation.

Sabrina was sentenced to 25 years to life. Today, she is serving her time at the Central California Women’s Facility, is appealing her conviction in its entirety, claiming a total lack of evidence.

As a personal opinion, I watched some of interviews with the police and some of her testimony at trial, and this woman seems to be the dumbest woman on the planet. She tries to come across as innocent but in reality, she appears to be hiding everything. In court she doesn’t seem to understand the questions asked to her and again does not appear to be innocent in any way.

Be strong, make good choices, stay safe

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