Fiji or the Maldives

I’m wanting to try something new here. The desire to travel is strong in my soul lately and I want to share with you all a few places that would be exciting to explore, however there are sometimes tough decisions to make and today is one of them. Would you rather go to Fiji or the Maldives for a vacation?

  • Fiji
    • Located in the South Pacific
    • White sandy beaches
    • Beautiful islands
    • Over 330 mountainous islands, with 110 of them occupied by the 860,000 residents
    • Twice the size of the Maldives in land mass.
    • Multiple islands in the same lagoon, some are very close together, and an outer reef provides protection and may prevent clear water from flowing in.
    • There is not a lagoon, which causes the sea to be rougher at times, making snorkeling difficult or impossible.
    • Less expensive than the Maldives.
    • Sharks.
    • Less luxury options than the Maldives.
    • Best time to travel, May – September
    • Average cost to fly to Fiji, $1819 per person. There may be much lower fares at this time due to the pandemic.
    • Drinking is allowed on private and public beaches.
  • The Maldives
    • 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean
    • White sandy beaches
    • Beautiful islands
    • Over 1100 low lying coral islands. The population of approximately 350,000 live on 200 different islands.
    • The islands are tiny with flat surfaces.
    • The islands have an outer reef and a good flow of water. Less islands in the same lagoon.
    • Snorkeling is easier in the Maldives
    • More luxury options than Fiji.
    • More expensive.
    • Sharks.
    • Average cost to fly to the Maldives, $650 or more. Prices of course can vary and especially with the pandemic.
    • Best time to travel to the Maldives is November to April.
    • Drinking only allowed on Private beaches as this is a mostly Muslim country.

Either destination seems ideal for a romantic getaway, a girls trip, or even a family trip. Where ever you choose to go, do your research, respect the local customs, and be safe!

Bon Voyage!

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