Temp Check

Hello again all my fabulous friends! I’m feeling uninspired lately by my paranormal and true crime topics and I wanted to learn or hear about new cases from you all!

What true crime cases do you enjoy most? Comment with your answer.

  • A – Serial Killers with male victims
  • B – Serial Killers with female victims
  • C – Mystery cases
  • D – Spree Killers
  • E – Historical cases

Is there a specific case you would like me to share on the blog? If so, please comment some of the details or email them to amateurconnoisseur@gmail.com

For the Paranormal cases, please tell me what cases you would like to see more of, comment with your reply.

  • 1 – Churches or Cemeteries
  • 2 – Houses
  • 3 – Famous Hauntings
  • 4 – Public buildings
  • 5 – Popular ghost hunting sites

As above, if there are specific cases you want to see please let me know!

Thank you so much for helping me keep you all involved and meeting your needs!!

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