Building the Booty

I remember when I was younger, butts were not a thing people wanted. In fact, we tried to find ways to make it smaller and less obvious that we had one. But now in the day of Nicki Minaj and that family whom I will only refer and Kash-It-In, butts are all the rage.

That’s great news for those of us that didn’t liposuction it away. Although this booty needs to be tuned up. Therefore, I have been looking at ways to increase my beautiful booty and make it more luscious. Here is what I have found.

Remember with any new exercise or lifestyle change, be sure to consult your medical professional as they will be the definitive guide for your wellness.

Donkey Kicks – 15 per side – With this exercise, be sure to watch your form. It’s more important to do the exercise correctly than to try and do too many at one time.

Sumo Squats – 2 sets of 10-15 – Squats are one of the most effective ways to grow your booty. There are several different ways to do a squat, but make sure you find one that isn’t too easy and not too taxing.

As you get used to doing the squats you can then increase how many you do.

Lunges – 4 sets of 12 (2 on each leg) – Lunges again have a variety of ways to do them. To do a lunge, stand with your feet together. Step one foot forward and bend your knee, lowering yourself down until your forward thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight and don’t let your knee go over your toes. Pause, and Switch legs.

Start slowly and build up. Again, the form is more important.

Glute Bridge – 3 Sets of 15 – Lying on your back, bring your knees up, resting your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Press your heels into the floor and raise your hips up, hold for a few seconds and lower back down. Repeat.

You can add weights to your hips if needed.

Hamstring Curls – 3 sets of 15 – You do not need to use a machine for this. You can do it on the floor with resistance bands or even a towel.

Step Ups – 4 sets of 15 – This is one that can be done at home, the gym, work, anywhere that has a step. You simply step up until your leading leg is straight and your other leg has come off the ground. Then pause, and step down.

You can add ankle weights for more of an intense workout.

The duration of any activity should be what is comfortable to you, but do not sell your progress short, if you do one or two and call it quits, is that doing you any good? Push yourself as much as you can but please do not injure yourself.

Here’s to your more bootylicious booty!

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