Weird Wisconsin Laws

We have a few laws in Wisconsin that make no sense. Whether they are still on the books or not here are a few that have existed in this great state that still make me wonder what the backstory was.

Weird Wisconsin Laws That Actually Existed

  • Margarine cannot be served at restaurants unless it is specifically ordered.
    • Because we are the dairy state, we pride ourselves on all things dairy, including butter. This one I can understand, if you want margarine, you need to ask for it by name, and not just say “butter”.
  • You cannot worry a squirrel in La Crosse.
    • This law sounds like it was retribution that went on too long. If the squirrel owed money, then I suppose he would be worried, but to simply worry the squirrel over something trivial that is just plain mean.
  • Cows get the right of way.
    • As in India, cows are sacred around here. We don’t worship them, but they are a way to support your family, and nobody wants to have a moneymaker injured.
  • In Racine, it’s illegal to launch missiles into a parade.
    • This one I really do want the backstory on. But you can’t launch anything into a parade, not even t-shirts or marshmallows.
  • Adultery is a Class 1 Felony.
    • How many people would be guilty of this? I’m assuming this law was established back when the state was just starting out. I’m curious as to how many people were found guilty of this.
  • If two trains meet, neither can proceed until the other one has.
    • At first look, this seems like one of those brain teasers that has no answer to it. I’m either fluent in the dialect in this state, or this actually makes sense. If you understand it, please leave a comment.

  • In Sheboygan, you can’t water your lawn in a way that “annoys people”.
    • This one is in a gray area for me. What would one consider an annoying way? It seems like neighborhoods have that one house, couple, family, person who is annoying all the time and is safe within the law. But they are also the first to be annoyed by anyone else who does the same things. I want to hear this one in court.

If you have wacky laws in your state, town, country, please share them, the weirder the better.

Stay Weird Wisconsin

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