March 32nd

April Fool’s! Today is the first day of April. And many people play practical jokes on people. For the last few years it seems it’s been a little less but considering all we’ve gone through no jokes could top it. However the day got me thinking, how did April Fool’s Day start?

There is no definite answer but some historians believe it began in 1582, in France.

At that time the French switched from the Julian Calendar, which celebrated the new year around April 1, to the Gregorian calendar which celebrated the new year on January 1.

But, as still is the norm, some people were slow to get the news or remember. Those that celebrated the new year during the last week of March, into April 1, were called April Fool’s. Pranks began and included paper fish on people’s backs said to symbolize a young easily caught fish and a gullible person.

What are some of the pranks you like to do on April Fool’s Day?

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