Welcome back to Wisconsin, this case is twisted, complex, and involves murder, new identities, multiple marriage, stalking, and all sorts of crazy. I am going to try to keep it as easy to follow as possible, but if you want a great telling of this story, please listen to the podcast, Small Town Murder, Episode 64. Jimmy and James tell the story in a great way that makes you laugh and shudder.

Peter on the Right, with his arm around Perry

Peter was born in 1968 and was put up for adoption. He was adopted by a couple from Illinois, Hans and Sally Zimmer who had recently moved to Mineral Point, WI and wanted to start a family in a new town. Shortly after adopting Peter, they adopted a second son, Perry, and the family felt complete. They raised the children as if they were their biological children. Perry was four years younger and seemed to be doted on, at least that is what Peter thought when he learned he was adopted at the age of twelve.

Hans and Sally Zimmer

For two years, Peter’s resentment grew to rate and on May 23, 1983, Peter took a knife and stabbed his mother over fifteen times and stabbed his brother over twenty times. His father had been shot five times with a shotgun. After killing his mother, he took her body to the shed and severely mutilated his brother’s body. Perry was only 10 years old.

Peter was arrested rather quickly because before the crime he told a boy at school that he was going to kill his family. He pled no contest and was found “delinquent” instead of guilty due to his age, and sent to the Ethan Allen School for Boys, for four years. He would then be released at the age of 18.

Peter refused rehabilitation. However, he prepared himself for release and learned a few things about the law. Because Peter was found delinquent, and not guilty of the murders of his family, he would be able to make a claim against the estate and as the only surviving heir, he would be able to inherit nearly $200,000.

Peter and Belinda holding Nicole

During his time at Ethan Allen, he had met a 19-year-old volunteer named Belinda, and they became acquainted enough to have a daughter, Nicole. His relationship with Belinda and Nicole was limited at best.

After leaving Ethan Allen, Peter changed his name to Jovan Collier, and after leaving Belinda, he went to Indiana and met another woman, Leah, and had a son. They would divorce in 1994.

Joe and Leah

Joe as he went by, was able to connect with his birthmother, who was a very young mother and that was the reason she had put him up for adoption. But now she was married to a wealthy man and lived in Atlanta. Joe would temporarily move in and told his mother that his adopted parents died when a drunk driver had hit them.

His stepfather didn’t trust nor believe him, but supported his wife, in a few years she would cut off all contact with him after she learned the truth. She had been horrified to learn that HE and not a drunk driver had murdered not only his parents but also his younger brother. Joe was furious.

Joe and Candy

Joe would often go back and forth from Atlanta to St. Petersburg as he was in a relationship with a single schoolteacher, Candy Williams, who thought Joe was the love of her life. When she learned that he was cheating on her, she accepted his apologies and let him back into her life.

A year later, Candy learned that his cheating didn’t stop, and he had been placing ads on the internet dating sites. She had enough and finally kicked him out for good. Joe wasn’t willing to go quietly. He sent Candy hundreds of emails, vandalized her home, and harassed her. She obtained a restraining order and Joe was charged with misdemeanor stalking and arrested. After posting bail, he disappeared.

When she hadn’t heard further from him, Candy contacted Joe’s mother and stepfather, and was informed of his murderous past. This information she shared with the police as she feared now for her life. The harassing became worse. Joe was then charged with felony stalking and he was found in Georgia by the US Federal Marshals, with a new girlfriend from Indiana.

Jovan was sentenced to three and a half years in May 2010 for aggravated stalking. After he was released, he left the state, making his way to Texas.

While in Waco, he had a relationship with not one, but two women, one he was engaged to and the other learning he was engaged want to have anything further with him. Joe had great experience in Florida in harassment and stalking, and he started with his ploys, but now on three women.

These women worked with law enforcement to get Joe arrested, and he was charged with misdemeanor charges, and released on bond. He was electronically monitored, and police say he is in Houston, but Joe claims he is now in California.

Ladies, if you see this man, run, don’t walk, run the other way and save yourself a nightmare experience.

Stay Weird Wisconsin!

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