La Tour Eiffel

This is a bucket list post!!

I want to visit the Eiffel tower. Why? Why not? Initially France was never on my list of must travel destinations, but for the last several years it has moved up towards the top quickly.

Other bucket list posts that I share with you will have more list items in France. And one of the reasons for that is from the movie Amelie. If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend it as it’s a good foreign film, and I highly enjoy it.

But back to the Tower, I think you would be doing yourself a disservice if you went to France and spent any time in Paris without attempting to see it in some way. Even the Griswold’s went to Paris and up to the top of the tower.

My ideal day in Paris would be as follows:

It would be an ideal day, not too hot, but perfect sundress, hat, and sandal weather. I would be in Paris with my family, husband, children, etc., our vacation may have been starting or it could be ending.

We would initially get breakfast at a cafe, visit a museum or the Jardin des Tuileries, let the kids run and get fresh air. Lunch would be at the Two Windmills (Cafe des deux Moulins) followed by a tour of the filming sights of the movie.

We will then have a quiet afternoon walking along the Seine, holding my husband’s hand, and watching the girls run along the bank. When the sun is getting lower, and after having a lovely dinner we will take a trek to the top of La Tour Eiffel.

Seeing Paris from over 1000 feet up will be breathtaking, and then a sunset kiss at the top before we take the kids back to the apartment we rented and putting them to bed. My romantic daydream was in overdrive on this one.

But if you have been to the tower, or plan to go please share with me your experiences as well.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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