Hurricane Mills Mansion

In Tennessee there is a property that is reported to be haunted. And several people have experienced a variety of paranormal events at the location. The property is open to tours, and even to stay over. Oh yeah, the property is also owned by the Coal Miner’s Daughter, Loretta Lynn.

The 19th century plantation home is owned, as is the entire town, by Loretta Lynn. She and her family resided in the house at one time, but she no longer lives in the home. Loretta has even shared her own personal experiences, sensitivities with the paranormal and the unusual seance that was held on the property.

These are the things that she has reported while living in the home and on the property:

  • Her daughters have reported seeing Confederate soldiers in the home.
  • Jack Benny, her son, reported that when sleeping in the “Brown Room” a soldier attempted to remove his boots in the room.
  • A mourning woman, Beula Anderson, who died after losing her baby, is said to be in both the house and in the graveyard on the property.
  • During the seance held by Loretta Lynn, the group contacted a ghost that referred to himself as Anderson. She would state that this spirit wasn’t happy and would angrily shake the table, eventually breaking it. One of the original owners was a man named James Anderson.
  • This same owner is very protective of the framed albums on the walls by the stairs. Loretta has told tour guides to not touch the frames/albums, one guide didn’t pay attention and after touching one of the frames, James Anderon appeared and pushed her down the stairs.

The Brown Room is the most active room in the house:

  • The Brown Room, as mentioned above, was also the room that Ernest Lynn would sleep in, and he stated that he disliked being in his room. Regardless of when you entered it, it was a cold room.
  • Dozens of dead flies would be found in the room on the windowsills and the floor.
  • It is unknown what happened in the brown room, the coldness points to the paranormal, but the dead flies could be something more sinister.

Civil War Activity

  • The plantation was a home to a civil war era stockade, and a small skirmish in 1863. During this skirmish lives were lost, and the violent deaths were the precedent for the hauntings.
  • A visitor was fishing and saw a uniformed Confederate soldier walking across a bridge before fading away.

The Slave Pit

  • The house was built when slavery was a fact of life. With that there come cruel deaths and eventually hauntings.
  • On the porch is a trap door that leads to a basement. In that room are cages and chains hanging from the walls and ceiling. This was called the Slave Pit.
  • It is believed that this was used to punish the slaves. It is unknown what happened down there but it’s evident that it was used for cruelty.

Check out the Hurricane Mills home and see if you can experience any of the number of paranormal experiences, just don’t touch the framed albums!

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