Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches

I think we have all had egg McMuffins at one time or another, and realize that they aren’t that fabulous. In fact we can make them ourselves and they will taste better, be cheaper, and available without having to get dressed. So here is a guide on making your own breakfast sandwiches, please feel free to adjust to your tastes.

  • Ingredients for 12 sandwiches:
    • 1 Dozen Eggs
    • 12 slices of cheese – we use American
    • 12 English Muffins
    • Butter or Margarine
    • 12 Sausage patties – You can use any flavor, or even bacon, sliced ham, or turkey
    • Parchment paper
  • Directions
  • Hard fry your eggs, season as desired. While the eggs cook toast your English Muffins and butter as desired.
  • If your meat of choice needs to be cooked, cook to desired doneness. Open all cheese and put on the side to create sandwiches.
  • Taking one English Muffin layer other ingredients on the bottom half. I start with meat, then cheese and finally egg. Too with the other half and then wrap the entire sandwich in parchment paper.
  • You can store these in a large Ziploc bag and freeze them until ready to use. Thaw over night or in the microwave.

Happy Eating!!

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