Teresita Basa

This is a solved case, but a mystery still remains. Let’s talk about the mysterious case of Teresita Basa, who in 1977 was murdered.

Teresita Basa was born in 1929 in the Philippines and moved to the United States to study music in the 1960’s. Eventually she would become a respiratory therapist and worked at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. She was a nice person and rather quiet, the absolute last person anyone would expect to be a victim of a crime.

But, a victim she was, on February 21, 1977 Teresita was found in her apartment. The fire department had been called to put out a fire that had started in her home. At this time they found her nude body under a mattress that had been set on fire. A butcher knife was buried in her chest. It was believed the fire had been started to cover up the murder.

Teresita Basa

As she was found nude it was believed she had been the victim of a sex crime but the autopsy would show she had not been raped. There was no motive for the crime and very little evidence as most was destroyed in the fire. The only thing that was found was a note that said: “Get Theatre Tickets for A.S.”

The police investigated several leads but they didn’t go far. And the identity of A.S. Was still a mystery. It almost seemed as if the case was going to go cold but then a new source of information was discovered. Enter Remy Chua.

Remy was a co-worker of Teresita’s but the two didn’t know each other very well and were not considered close. But shortly after Teresita’s murder Remy began to have visions and nightmares about her.

She began to experience visions in the locker room and she said she would see a man’s face behind Teresita. She would often see this same image in her dreams at night.

Alan Showery

And then one day while speaking to her husband, Remy found she was channeling Teresita’s spirit. Teresita, through Remy, told the story of her murder. She said an orderly named Alan Showery had been helping fix a TV when he had attacked her. He then killed her and set the mattress on top of her before setting it on fire.

The spirit through Remy even have details of some jewelry that had been taken. The spirit stated the jewelry was given to Alan’s girlfriend. Remy’s husband convinced her to tell the police. Of course they were skeptical.

Detectives didn’t know if this information could be believed but checked into Alan and learned he lived near Teresita. Alan was brought in for questioning. When detectives didn’t believe the story, the spoke to his girlfriend and asked if he had given her any jewelry lately. She said that he had.

When the jewelry was inspected by friends and family of Teresita’s, they confirmed that some of it had been hers.

Alan would eventually be convicted of her murder and be sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was released on parole in 1983. He served 4 years only.

The mystery remains, was it Teresita’s spirit that helped solve her case or did Remy Chua know more?

Be strong, be safe, be careful

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