Wisconsin – Swinging Bridge

When I hear anything described as ‘swinging’ Austin Powers comes to mind. However, this unique bridge in River Falls, WI actually swings.

River Falls is about 12 miles from the Minnesota border and has a population of 15,638 people. One area of the city is the beautiful Glen Park.

Glen Park has been a favorite spot for families and individuals to fish, swim, and picnic since the 1800’s. Part of that charm is the Swinging Bridge.

This 130 foot long bridge crosses over the South Fork tributary of the Kinnickinnic River. It sits on the site of the old mill that washed away decades ago.

Below the bridge is a popular spot for fishing, cooling off or exploring. I searched to find how tall this bridge is but am unable to find that information. If you know please let me know!!

Known simply as the Swinging Bridge, it is a solid structure but the walkway is designed to move and sway. It’s something you only notice on the bridge.

The park is open all year with summer being most popular. You won’t be disappointed in the park as it has many trails, water areas, picnic spots and a pool.

The park is located at 632 Glen Park Rd, River Falls, WI 54022.

If looking for an outdoorsy adventure for the whole family, check out Glen Park!

Stay Weird Wisconsin!

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