The Alexanders

This case starts with the Lorber Society. In 1840, Austrian Seer and Channel Jakob Lorber claimed he heard a voice that commanded him to write. And he did, he wrote over 25 substantial books and other shorter works. Eventually the voice that commanded Jakob would work through others until the revelations filled over 40 volumes.

During World War II the group limited their activities but after the war they started again. The revelations were a revised gnostic interpretation of Christianity, and that the universe was created by God as the environment for a society of living love. Many people, known as divine sparks, were to grow in the divine likeness until Lucifer revolted and destroyed that plan. He was then entrapped in matter and God is now using matter to filter the impure spirits. On Earth, the sparks are able to return to God, and Jesus came to Earth to speed the redemption process.

The society was run by a man named George Riehle. When Jakob Lorber founded the group, it was a severe spiritual organization that taught unflinching self-denial and upheld the belief that all non-members were basically evil. Every person in the group were free of Satan’s control and everyone else was an instrument of the Devil who needed to be purged.

Harald Alexander

Harald Alexander met George Riehle in Hamburg Germany when the man was dying, and Harald nursed him through his last days. This was in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. When George passed away, Harald claimed he had inherited the leadership of the Lorber Society. Harald’s wife, Dagmar, accepted this without question. As did the rest of the society.

Eventually the Alexanders began their family, their first child Marina was born in 1952, and two years later their only son, Frank was born, the following year twin girls, Sabine and Petra. However, the apple of their eye, and the newest Prophet of God was Frank. He was raised that all his wishes were fulfilled, and he would eventually dictate every movement of the family.

Frank Alexander

Frank reached his teen years without much controversy, but after becoming a teenager, he decided that he could never “pollute” himself with women outside the sect and informed his father that he would be having sex with his mother, and later his older sister. Because Frank wanted it, it was allowed without question.

The incestuous relations became a common occurrence in the Alexander home. Harald enthusiastically encouraged his only son to have sex with his wife and daughters whenever he wanted. Harald showed his religious devotion by also having sex with his eldest daughter, Marina. Dagmar and Marina accepted their roles as sex objects as they were serving the Prophet of the Lord.

The actions within the family were considered normal to all of the Alexanders. Sabine and Petra had a few friends to share the information with and spoke openly about their mother and sister being “allowed to serve”. As the gossip spread the Police became interested in the Prophet and his family.

Before the law could knock at their door, the Alexanders moved to the Canary Islands and set up a small apartment in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The neighbors found them to be an odd family who didn’t leave the apartment much. Frank and his sisters supported the family with low paying jobs. Harald played the organ and led the family in long and loud prayers.

The family lived in the apartment for 10 months.

December 22, 1970, 15-year-old Sabine was working at the villa of Dr. Walter Trenkler. She was a domestic helper, and she was working in the kitchen preparing a meal when the Doctor answered a knock at the door. The Doctor informed Sabine that her father and brother were on the patio needing to speak with her. The Doctor recalled that both father and son were covered in mud.

Dagmar (L), Marina (C), Petra (R)

Dr. Trenkler went to his office and overheard parts of the conversation and when Harald stated to his daughter: “Sabine, dear, we wanted you to know at once that Frank and I have just finished killing your mother and your sisters.”

To his amazement, Sabine didn’t scream or cry, she took her father’s hand and put it to her cheek and replied: “I’m sure you’ve done what you thought necessary.”

Harold saw Dr. Trenkler standing in shock and said: “Ah, you’ve overheard. We’ve killed my wife and other daughters. It was the hour of killing.” The horrified physician then realized that what he’d originally thought was mud and dirt on the men’s clothes, was actually human blood.

Dr. Trenkler raced into his home and called the police, but the neighbors had already called them as the sounds from the apartment were quite loud and hellish.

Officers took the Alexanders into custody, and other detectives went to the apartment. When they opened the door and walked in it was a place of carnage. All the dishes, clothing, and papers were smashed, broken, and torn into pieces. The ceiling, walls, and floors were coated in blood.

The middle of the living room were the mutilated bodies of 18-year-old Marina, and 15-year-old Petra. Their breasts and genitals had been hacked away and nailed to one wall. Marina had also been disemboweled.

In the bedroom 39-year-old Dagmar was found. Her breasts and genitals were also hacked away. Her heart was cut out and bound on a cord before being nailed to the wall.

Both father and son were at the police station and admitted to the murders. Frank stated the following: He had been in the bedroom when Dagmar entered. She had been looking at Frank and he had the feeling that his mother was not permitted to look at him in that manner. He then took a clothes hanger and struck her on the head until she fell and lost consciousness.

Harald had gone into the other room and played the organ and praised Jesus. Frank followed and struck both Marina and Petra. When Frank began to remove the offending parts Harald joined and helped him.

Harald agreed to every detail his son confessed and said that the sexual organs were “offending parts” and they had to be removed. The women in the house had known and expected the “hour of killing” at any time and that they had discussed as a family about this “holy time” and how the women were human sacrifices for The Prohet Frank Alexander. Both Frank and Harald then stated that they felt no guilt and that it was all part of their religious beliefs…. that women were unclean and had to be purified by killing.

Psychiatrists examined the father and son and concluded that they were both unfit to stand trial. Both were committed to an asylum for the criminally insane.

Sabine Alexander, the surviving female member of the family, begged the authorities to send her to the asylum with her brother and father, but she was rejected. She was instead sent to a secure convent, a place where her wish to be isolated from the ‘impure’ and ‘Devil-owned’ people who made up most of Society could be satisfied.

Frank Alexander in court

Frank and Harald Alexander were in the mental asylum, but in 1991, they managed to escape. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Be strong, make good choices, be safe

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