Or lack there of. I type this while eating Mexican food. I love food. I am not exercising. Therefore I’m gaining weight, and not meeting any of my goals. An then when I gain weight, I get depressed and what do I do? I eat. It’s a horrible cycle and I wish I had the strength to break it.

Each day I wake up and plan to eat healthy and then by time I get to work, all of my good intentions have floated out the window. And I seem to find more and more excuses to not go to the gym and I am mad at myself for that. Life happens but as my therapist will tell me, I have to make time for me and focus on keeping boundaries and a balance in my life.

So far I am losing. I need to find a way to break the cycle and start becoming more healthy. I may consider some extreme measures if I can’t get myself on the right path.

Please send encouraging thoughts to me and any tips that you have found that will break the cycle.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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