The Goler Clan

In 1984 the world was celebrating that Los Angeles, CA, would be hosting the Summer Olympics. The Serial Killer Christopher Bernard Wilder was captured, but died during his arrest. India mourned the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Band Aid, a group of 44 musicians, came together to record “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to help theContinue reading “The Goler Clan”

Mr. Handcuffs

I love Wisconsin, we have all four seasons, sometimes in the same week. We have great people, history, and sports. We also have a lot of people who have murdered. Today is another person who has committed murder, and even has a moniker, The Suitcase Murderer. Let’s talk about Steven Zelich. The case takes placeContinue reading “Mr. Handcuffs”

Ray and Faye

Serial killers can start anytime. They have been children, teens, adults, and even the elderly. Today’s killer couple are considered the oldest serial killing couple ever. Today we learn about Ray and Faye Copeland. Ray was born in 1914 in Oklahoma. His family moved often to survive during the Great Depression. Not much is knownContinue reading “Ray and Faye”

Travel Blog – Wisconsin Dells – Chula Vista

In Wisconsin we have some beautiful areas to vacation, Door County, lake front areas on both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. We have skiing destinations, forests, rock climbing, and we have the Wisconsin Dells. If you have never heard of Wisconsin Dells, it’s a summer destination place and is the Waterpark Capital of the world.Continue reading “Travel Blog – Wisconsin Dells – Chula Vista”

To Video or Not To Video

Hello again my lovelies!! I’m taking a detour this week and not doing a beauty post. However it is beauty related. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some videos for you all based on the skin care and make up posts I’ve done. However I’m a lot scared. I have never been oneContinue reading “To Video or Not To Video”