The Pancake Chapel

With a name like that, it’s sounds almost too good to be evil. But then, first impressions can be misleading. Located in London, Ohio, on Selsor Moor Road, a small brick building sits in a field. It is known as the Pancake Chapel, or the Pancake Schoolhouse. No longer used as either a chapel norContinue reading “The Pancake Chapel”


Building your own home is something many strive to do. Building your dream home and being able to have exactly what you want is ideal. But what if your perfect dream home is designed for illicit reasons? Having a mistress and wanting to have a love nest was the reason for the design and buildingContinue reading “Taliesin”

Golden State Killer

Thirteen years, nine nicknames, 183 victims of various crimes; this all equals one person. Joseph James DeAngelo Jr, best known as the Golden State Killer. Born in Bath New York in November 1945, Joseph was the oldest of 4 children, and an Army brat. In 1959, Joseph was back stateside and living in California. It’sContinue reading “Golden State Killer”