Double Feature – Dracula Dead and Loving It

This is a horror comedy. It’s a Mel Brooks film, and as I have said before, he’s a genius. The movie was released in 1995, and follows the Bram Stoker Dracula story to a degree, but interpreted as only Mel Brooks can do.

Taking place in 1893, the story starts with Thomas Renfield travelling to Transylvania from London to do business with the Count. The natives try to stop him from going, and even a gypsy woman attempts to protect him by offering him a holy cross. The Count is looking to purchase some property in London and that is the business to which they are completing.

After their business has finished, and during the night Count Dracula makes Renfield his slave and is completely under his control.

Upon their return to London, Renfield is committed to an insane asylum, while the Count is in full force in London. He meets the usual cast of characters in the classic Dracula story, Jonathan Harker, Mina, Lucy, and Professor Van Helsing. As the Londoners realize something is terribly wrong with the new owner of Carfax Abbey, is it too late for them to stop the Count and save themselves?

Dracula Dead and Loving It stars:

  • Leslie Nielsen – Dracula
  • Mel Brooks – Professor Van Helsing
  • Peter MacNicol – Renfield
  • Steven Weber – Harker
  • Amy Yasbeck – Mina
  • Lysette Anthony – Lucy
  • Harvey Korman – Dr. Seward

Enjoy the movie!

Movie – It

We could have easily had a month of Stephen King movies, as it were, I have another Stephen King movie, based on his novel today. This was actually released as a mini series on TV, and then remade in 2017 for the first part, and 2019 for the second part. Today I’m simply going to discuss the original series released in 1990, however the real differences in the productions is that the newer versions are more true to the book.

The movie takes place in Derry, Maine. And revolves around a group of kids who were typically picked on, beat up, abused, neglected, or treated differently. They are all the same age, preteens, and they all have seen It.

What they are facing is a demon who portrays himself as a clown. A killer clown. When they learn more about what they are facing, they have a name, Pennywise. And one summer they defeat It.

But 30 years later, the one member of the group who had remained in Derry believes that It has come back, and calls the rest of the group to battle it again.

Will the Loser’s Club finally defeat Pennywise?

It stars:

  • Tim Curry – Pennywise
  • Richard Thomas and Jonathan Brandis – Bill
  • Tim Reid and Marlon Taylor – Mike
  • Annette O’Toole and Emily Perkins – Beverly
  • Harry Anderson and Seth Green – Richie
  • Dennis Christopher and Adam Faraizl – Eddie
  • Richard Masur and Ben Heller – Stanley
  • John Ritter and Brandon Crane – Ben

So if you are in the mood for a demonic killer clown, then sit back and watch IT.


Hello again to my beautiful lovelies. It’s the beginning of another new week, and I for one am excited. Halloween is approaching and a lot of wonderful things will be taking place. And I’m going to have to get my practice in for that wonderful time of the year, All Hallow’s Eve, after the trick or treating. Can’t wait!

But today I want to discuss another element of make up, again with our lips. Last week we discussed lip liner and how that could be used to make your lips the perfect pout, but lets talk lipstick.

Lipstick is a mood enhancer. Who’s mood? How? Why?

To start off, it can improve your mood. When wearing that absolutely fabulous shade of red, pink, nude, that makes you feel like conquering the world in stilettoes (ouch). But maybe it can help enhance a romantic mood between you and your partner. Movies have shown women getting ready and highlight scenes of them applying their makeup, focusing on their mouth.

I don’t know about you, but I do notice lips. Men’s lips wondering what it would be like to kiss them, women’s lips to see what shade of lipstick they have on. (I do not want to kiss women, but for those that do, I have no issue with that.) Women often wear makeup for other people, even though I mention that you do not need to wear for anyone but yourself.

Lips are one of the things that are highly sensual, and I love kissing. So I 100% agree that it’s a mood enhancer.

But I also feel that lipstick can also be a great way to protect your lips from the elements. I highly recommend the use of chapstick, and if you opt to wear lipstick it too can moisturize and protect the tender skin of your lips.

There is no right or wrong color, as long as it’s something you love and feel confident in. There are many formulas you can choose from, shine, matte, all day wear, smudge proof. And different formulas may be wanted for different looks. Do not feel you are stuck with only one shade or formula. Experiment with them.

As I’ve said before, wear make up for you, nobody else. You are beautiful just the way you are and you do not need to change for anyone.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you.

Double Feature – Addams Family Values

After the success of the first Addams Family movie in 1991, we were delighted to get another installment of the kooky family. In 1993, we were introduced to the newest Addams Family member, Pubert.

Gomez and Morticia bring home a new bundle of joy, and immediately Wednesday and Pugsley try to simply play with their new brother, especially his head. As Gomez and Morticia prevent yet another accident with the children, they decide it is time to hire a nanny.

After interviewing and trying out dozens of nannies, who all quit after a few hours, they figured they would not be able to find that perfect fit for their family. Until Debbie Jellinsky arrives. She immediately fits in with the family and seems to find Uncle Fester as an eligible bachelor.

Realizing she can’t get Fester to herself with the children around she tells Gomez and Morticia that the children wanted to attend summer camp. Disbelieving, but not wanting to deprive the children, they send them to camp.

While the kids are away, Debbie and Fester begin to fall in love and eventually marry. But there isn’t something right with Debbie, and the kids have suspected it the entire time.

Will Wednesday and Pugsley be able to escape from summer camp, and save Uncle Fester and the family from Debbie?

Addams Family Values stars:

  • Anjelica Huston – Morticia
  • Raul Julia – Gomez
  • Christopher Lloyd – Uncle Fester
  • Christina Ricci – Wednesday
  • Jimmy Workman – Pugsley
  • Carol Kane – Grandmama
  • Carel Struycken – Lurch
  • David Krumholtz – Joel Glicker

Sit back, enjoy the kookiest family in cinema, and enjoy the movie!

Movie – Poltergeist

“They’re here…” One of the most foreboding lines in any horror movie. Poltergeist is another movie I had seen when young and thankfully I don’t recall too much about how I felt about it.

I do remember that I didn’t watch it multiple times, and that I did like the third movie in the series the best. But we are talking about the original Poltergeist, and young Carol Anne Freeling.

The movie starts out uneventful, we meet the Freeling’s, who are typical suburbanites. Steve sells real estate and Diane is a stay at home mom to the three kids. However they soon realize that they have unseen guests in the home with them. First it starts of with simple things, cupboards opening, lights going on or off. Mostly the family laughs at these events. But then it gets sinister.

One night a tree outside Robbie’s room, comes alive and takes him, thankfully they were able to get him back safely. But then the youngest, Carol Anne disappears into a spirit realm. She can only seem to communicate with her family through the white noise on the TV.

Her parents call in a team of parapsychologists, who attempt to bring Carol Anne back. The team witnesses the events happening in the Freeling home and try to explain what is really happening with the Freeling’s. They aren’t just being haunted, they have poltergeists.

When they realize they need more assistance they call in for a psychic medium, Tangina Barrons, who advises that Carol Anne is alive and still in the house, but on the other side. Since the child was born in the house she has her own bright light that confuses the spirits, and an evil entity likes this confusion and uses Carol Anne to keep the chaos happening.

Will the Freeling’s get their daughter back? Will they be able to live peacefully again? Watch the movie, and be sure to lock your closets when you go to bed.

Poltergeist stars:

  • JoBeth Williams – Diane Freeling
  • Craig T Nelson – Steve Freeling
  • Heather O’Rourke – Carol Anne Freeling
  • Dominique Dunne – Dana Freeling
  • Beatrice Straight – Dr. Lesh
  • Oliver Robins – Robbie Freeling
  • Zelda Rubenstein – Tangina Barrons

Enjoy the Show!

Double Feature – The Addams Family

We were first introduced to the Addams Family in 1964, lead by John Astin. Now don’t get me wrong, this is classic television and I will watch it if it is on TV. However, in 1991, we were reintroduced to the Addams Family, for me, I was hooked.

The movie starts out with Gomez missing his brother Fester, who disappeared twenty five years prior. They had even planned to have a séance to try and contact him in the beyond.

During the day we meet not only the family, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley. But also Grandmama, Lurch, and Thing. They live in the most amazing house, and have the most interesting decor. But there is always something wicked that comes along.

Enter Tully Alford, the Addams’ lawyer. He is in great debt to an unscrupulous con-woman and her son, Gordon. When Tully attempts to get money from Gomez for an offshore account, he is told that they cannot discuss new business until next quarter. Dejected Tully leaves with gold coins that Gomez provided for the monthly bills. Returning to his office, Tully walks in on Ms. Craven and her son, and when they see the gold they believe that Tully was holding out on them. A plan is soon hatched to have Gordon pose as Fester, and steal the fortune that is inside the Addams family vault. But before he can successfully steal from them, Gordon/Fester finds that he enjoys being with the family and doing “normal” things; attending the kid’s school play, having dinner, and even dancing at the family gathering in is honor.

But soon the Addams’ are evicted from their home, and when Morticia goes back to confront Fester, Tully, and Ms. Craven, she finds that her life is in jeopardy. Will Gomez save the day? Will they ever really find Uncle Fester? And will Tully’s wife be happily ever after with Cousin Itt that she met at the family party?

The Addams Family stars:

  • Raul Julia – Gomez
  • Anjelica Huston – Morticia
  • Christopher Lloyd – Uncle Fester
  • Dan Hedaya – Tully Alford
  • Christina Ricci – Wednesday
  • Dana Ivey – Margaret
  • Jimmy Workman – Pugsley
  • Carel Struycken – Lurch

This is a great movie for families, bob some apples, have some of Grandmama’s home cooking, and enjoy the show.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

Movie – Child’s Play

We were introduced to Chucky in 1988, and we all became suspicious with the My Buddy Dolls that had been released in 1985. I never liked this movie, but it definitely has it’s following and a series of seven movies (so far).

The movie starts with a serial killer who is close to capture, and being pursued by a police officer in a toy store. Instead of being arrested, he performs a voodoo spell and transfers his murderous soul into a Good Guy’s Doll. The police officer shoots and kills the serial killer. Case closed.

Now the doll, with the murderous spirit inside, is purchased by a single mother for her son’s birthday. After giving him the doll, she has to go back to work and leaves her son, Andy, with a babysitter. Unfortunately, Chucky, has the desire to kill again, and commits murder when only Andy is in the apartment.

The police are suspicious of Andy, and his mother claims he could never have done that. When Andy talks with Chucky and tells his mother some disturbing secrets, she tries to tell the police officer, the same one who originally killed the serial killer.

Before he believes her, the cop thinks that both she and Andy are insane. But soon he realizes that they were telling the truth, will he be able to save Andy and his mother and stop the murderous Chucky?

Child’s Play stars:

  • Catherine Hicks – Karen Barclay
  • Chris Sarandon – Mike Norris
  • Alex Vincent – Andy Barclay
  • Brad Dourif – Charles Lee Ray
  • Dinah Manoff – Maggie Peterson

When watching this movie, be sure to have a piece of cake (it is Andy’s birthday after all) and see how long you can handle watching the movie with a Good Guy Doll.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

Mount Morgan Witches Grave

Today I take you way outside of the United States, we are going to Mount Morgan, Queensland, Australia. So I will share with you the information I was able to gather, but I will be also sharing with you some of my opinions, but really it’s unknown as to why the grave is located and positioned the way it is and the history of who is buried below.

The name on the grave is listed as Francis Wilson, the spelling indicates the masculine spelling, but due to the erosion on the grave it may be Frances, the feminine version of the name. Who is Francis/Frances Wilson?

All research I’ve found stated that Francis was a young man originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, and was trained as a blacksmith. He had arrived in Australia in 1885, and passed away in 1889. There are no known records for a woman named Frances Wilson.

Now the bigger mystery revolves around the grave marker and the location of the grave. Many people suggest that Francis Wilson was a witch, first and foremost because the grave itself is located just outside of the cemetery burial grounds. Some claim that he is buried in unhallowed ground….why?

Well some say he either was a witch, or committed suicide. And with either explanation being buried outside the cemetery proper makes some sense. Because Francis died in 1889, witches were considered evil, soulless, minions of the devil. There fore should not be buried in a holy cemetery. On the other hand if he had committed suicide, he would have not been buried in a holy cemetery as that was also forbidden.

Another reason people feel that Francis was a witch was because his grave marker was facing West, instead of East. I had to research this further as it wasn’t immediately clear for me. In Christian cemeteries it was traditional to bury the deceased facing east as symbol of the anticipation of the second coming of Christ.

And if the headstone faced West, it was assumed that the deceased was not a Christian. It does not assume they are a witch, but could be of the Jewish faith. However in this instance is postulated that Francis was a witch as his headstone faced opposite of the majority of the graves in the cemetery.

The last aspect that people claimed proved that Francis was a witch were the markings on his headstone. There are three symbols at the top of the grave marker that people claim are witch symbols. Below are the three symbols and I will try to explain them further.

I have labeled them simply and we will start with Symbol 1. It looks like a normal five pointed star, but it not a Star of David that represents the Jewish faith. Now we have to answer the question, is the star in a circle or is it not in a circle?

Starting with the argument that it is in a circle, the Pentacle, is a well known Pagan symbol representing the five elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit. If it were inversed, where the two points were at the top, it would represent more of a satanic link than white craft.

If the star is not in a circle, and it was simply just cut to be inset in the stone, then it’s just simply a star, and means whatever you want it to mean. But it is a symbol used with Witches, Occultists, Freemasons, and New Agers. It is also said that this symbol is used as the “All Seeing Eye” or “God’s Eye” and has been used in early Christian ceremonies. Primarily it is used in cult worship, but the cemetery association believes that it is a mark of the Freemasons.

Symbol 2 is a triangle with small circles on each of the three sides. This image represents a “power cone” used by witches in rituals and ceremonies. When placed on the ground it confines demonic forces. However it could also represent Freemason symbols but nothing concrete has been determined.

Symbol 3, has yet be identified and remains a mystery to researchers. However to me, it represents a triple goddess image often found in witchcraft.

With all the information presented, the cemetery association believes that Francis was a Freemason, and not a witch. But I am leaning more towards a witch first, possibly with Freemason ties. What do you think?

Stay Curious my Friends!

Pitkin-Conrow House

California has many reasons to visit, and one more would be the Pitkin-Conrow House. This elegant Victorian home is located in Arroyo Grande, CA, and has a legend of being haunted.

In 1890, Charles Pitkin had the house built as a wedding present for his new wife, Julia Louis Goodwin. Two years after the house was built, Charles, passed away. His funeral was held in the house’s parlor.

In 1905, the Conrow family purchased and moved into the house. Edgar and Abbie Conrow and their four children lived in the house. The daughter, Mary West, lived in the house until she died in 1952. The house changed hands many more times until 1994 when the owners took control and renamed the house The Crystal Rose Inn.

It was learned that the house had a spirit of a 9 year old girl named Alice, who loves cats, and is waiting for her mother, who doesn’t know she is dead. Alice and the spirit of another child, a boy, play and stay in the tower room. Many of the houses feline residents are often found in that room, as Alice loves cats. Alice is often seen in that area, petting the cats who roam about.

The question of how Alice died is up for debate, some say she fell from her death, others say she had pneumonia or Scarlet Fever. And some say she died from an allergy to a bee sting. How she died is not known, but what is known is that Alice likes to play tricks on staff and guests alike, and is known to ring the doorbell, whose batteries were removed long ago, speak over the loud speaker in the restaurant, or following staff as they do their duties for the Inn.

Alice also likes to interact with the guests. She has been known to play tug of war with the blankets and pillows of those guests who stay in her room. She often is seen in the tower room or near the stairs leading to it. There are photos that people have suspected that a blurry orb in the third floor window, was actually Alice.

The real mystery is who is Alice. There is no record of anyone named Alice living in the home. It is speculated that she is really Gwyneth Conrow, but how she died and who she really is will never be known.

The current owners have restored the house to it’s original Victorian splendor, they repaired, renovated, and repainted the home to Victorian standards and have never reported the instance of any ghostly spirits in any rooms. So is Alice really in the Pitkin- Conrow house or was she simply a lure to encourage guests to visit?

Happy Haunting!

Double Feature – Casper Meets Wendy

Earlier this month we showcased the movie Casper, the movie about the friendly ghost. Now we reunite with Casper and his uncles, and they are taking a vacation.

While at the resort, Casper meets a little girl named Wendy. Wendy is at the resort hiding out with her three aunts, and they are all witches. However an evil warlock is after them and they can’t use magic.

Wendy and Casper have fun together until trouble comes to find them. The witches must rely on the ghostly trio to help them, but will the ghostly trio provide them help?

Casper Meets Wendy stars:

  • Cathy Moriarity – Gert
  • Shelley Duvall – Gabby
  • Teri Garr – Fanny
  • George Hamilton – Desmond Spellman
  • Hilary Duff – Wendy

Grab the kids, gather around the television, enjoy the movie, snacks in the kitchen.

Coming Soon – To Be Announced