Rocky Hill Castle

Alabama has some awesome options when looking to find a haunted location. Today we visit another reputed haunted location, but sadly the original plantation house is no longer there, and another house has been built. But let’s talk about Rocky Hill Castle in Courtland, AL.

In the mid-1820’s James Edmonds Saunders and his wife arrived in Alabama from Georgia. James was a planter and an attorney. Acquiring over 640 acres, the Saunders’ wanted a grander dwelling that reflected their stature. During the American Civil War the newly reconstructed house served as a hospital. Afterwards the house and property were handed down until it was eventually sold to someone outside the family, who then demolished the house.

It’s reputed that James Saunders grandson, Dudley, and his family had abandoned the house due to ghostly activity. Whether that was true or not is hard to determine. However, the paranormal phenomena includes: knocking and banging of unknown origin, a ghostly lady in blue, ghosts of Civil War soldiers, and the ghosts of tortured slaves.

The photo above appears to have the profile of a man with a collared shirt on the right side of the picture. Could it be one of the ghosts that had resided at the property? Because the house is no longer there, it’s possible some spirits still reside around the land, but most likely the activity has diminished or is now completely gone.

Happy Haunting my Friends!

Double Feature – Practical Magic

Any movie about witches, good, bad, ugly, nice, green, I’m on board to watch. When this movie came out in 1998, I was hooked. Not only is the story line awesome, it stars an amazing cast, and not to mention the house that the Owens women live in.

Practical Magic follows the story of Sally and Gillian Owens. Two orphaned sisters who go to live with their eccentric aunts. They aren’t raised conventionally, but they do learn about their heritage and how to help the townspeople with what ails them. Whether it be cold or heartbreak.

When the sisters grow up, they both take different paths, Gillian is the ultimate party girl, and never settles down for too long. Sally, gets married, has two daughters of her own, and becomes a widow. Starting a new business in her hometown where people think of her as a witch, while trying to be “normal”, Sally relies on her aunts to help her move on after the loss of her husband.

When Gillian needs Sally to help her from an abusive situation, Sally comes to her aid, but they sisters meet trouble, and it follows them home. Along with a law man from Arizona. Will Sally accept her true heritage to help her sister?

Practical Magic stars:

  • Sandra Bullock – Sally
  • Nicole Kidman – Gillian
  • Stockard Channing – Aunt Frances
  • Dianne Wiest – Aunt Jet
  • Aidan Quinn – Gary Hallet
  • Goran Visnjic – Jimmy Angelov

Prepare for some Practical (and impractical) Magic, have some chocolate cake and make some midnight margaritas, and enjoy the show!

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Movie – 1408

Another movie that was adapted from a Stephen King story. This movie was released in 2007 and is rated PG-13. However, I still wouldn’t recommend young children to watch this movie.

1408 isn’t necessarily blood, gore, and a deranged killer. This movie is more on the line of a psychological thriller, suspenseful, frightening as only the thoughts in our heads can be.

This movie takes place in the fictional Dolphin Hotel, room 1408, which is permanently not available for guests. But paranormal debunker, Mike Enslin, threatens the general manager and is finally allowed to check in. He had been given full warning that over 50 guests have died in the room in the past.

When Mike enters his room, he begins to realize that those that may have died, may actually still be in the room with him.

1408 stars:

  • John Cusack – Mike Enslin
  • Samuel L. Jackson – Gerald Olin
  • Mary McCormack – Lily
  • Tony Shaloub – Sam Farrell

Order up some room service, put the Do Not Disturb sign out, and prepare to check into your room, 1408.

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Dent School

In Cincinnati, OH, you will find people lined up for hours waiting to enter one of the scariest haunted houses in the nation, they want to be scared by costumed ghosts and ghouls. But the Dent School also has it’s own dark past, is it only haunted for fun at Halloween or is it haunted all the time?

The back story of the Dent School sounds like it was created for a movie, or even a back story for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The School was open in 1894 and it taught children of all grades, kindergarten to 12th. It was equipped with the finest teachers, cafeteria workers, and janitors for miles. Everything running was ideally and the school was highly regarded, until 1942.

In 1942, there were several students who were disruptive in the class room, and they mysteriously vanished. An investigation was started and police deemed they must have been runaways.

Again in 1945, four students went missing in October. The police were confused as to what was happening with the students. Rumors began. Locals were stating the missing children had something to do with the school. Everything continued as normal except for the rumors. In 1952, three more students disappeared. And shortly after their disappearance students began to complain about a strange smell coming from the basement.

Charlie, the head janitor, was asked about the smell. He stated it was the pipes clogging up. A few weeks later the smell had dissipated, but new rumors started that Charlie has something to do with the missing students.

In 1955, more than seven students vanished without a trace, the smell was again reported by the local kids and they were complaining that it was so strong that some kids had passed out. By now the local citizens wanted answers.

An angry mob bust down the doors to the school and proceeded into the basement. What they found was nothing less than shocking. The basement, which was the janitor’s stomping grounds, had the grizzly sight of the decaying remains of the missing students. Bodies had been sealed in barrels, wedged behind brick walls, and left in sanitary tubs to decay forever.

Charlie was searched for, but never found. The school closed shortly after the discovery.

If you want to visit the Dent Schoolhouse haunted house, please check their hours of operation. You may be visiting more than just actors, perhaps some long lost children are still roaming the halls.

Happy Haunting!

Double Feature – Monster Squad

1987 was the year that The Monster Squad was released. I remember watching it when I was young, shortly after it came out. This movie is rated PG-13 and is a cross between modern (1980’s modern) movies, and classic Hollywood monsters.

A group of kids have a monster club. They talk about mummy’s, Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein. But after acquiring Van Helsing’s diary in an estate sale, Sean realizes that he can’t read it as it’s all in German, and that mysterious things are starting to happen. Blood banks are missing stock, a mummy in the museum is missing, and a man claiming to be a werewolf, breaks out of jail on the full moon.

It’s now up to The Monster Squad to get rid of the monsters, and save their town.

The Monster Squad stars:

  • Andre Gower – Sean
  • Robby Kiger – Patrick
  • Stephen Macht – Del, Sean’s Dad
  • Duncan Regehr – Count Dracula
  • Brent Chalem – Horace
  • Ryan Lambert – Rudy
  • Ashley Bank – Phoebe
  • Michael Faustino – Eugene
  • Mary Ellen Trainor – Emily

This one is a fun movie, that may give younger kids the impression they are watching a scarier movie. Be sure to enjoy the movie!

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Movie – Misery

Stephen King has written numerous novels, short stories, and novellas, many of which have been adapted to movies and TV mini series. This movie is also a Stephen King book turned movie, and it’s one that makes squeamish when Kathy Bates is administering to her guest.

Since I am not about spoilers, you will have to see the movie to appreciate the squeamish factor and enjoy the suspense that only Stephen King can create.

Misery is about a novelist who is successful for his series of books with the main character being name Misery Chastain. After a car accident in the mountains, the novelist, Paul, wakes up in a cabin. Here he meets Annie Wilkes, his biggest fan.

Soon Paul realizes that Annie isn’t as gracious of a hostess as he initially thought, and things go real bad when Paul’s latest book comes out and Annie’s favorite character, Misery, dies. She insists that he write a new book, just for her, where Misery continues to live. And if he fails to produce a book that she likes…well things can get real bad for Paul.

Misery has the following stars:

  • James Caan – Paul Sheldon
  • Kathy Bates – Annie Wilkes
  • Richard Farnsworth – Buster
  • Frances Sternhagen – Virginia

Buckle up for this movie. It is rated R so I suggest not having younger children in the room. But grab some chips, candy and drinks, and enjoy the show!

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Recipe – No Peek 2 Ways

It’s no secret that during the week we are a busy family, and we need to have dinners that are easy, tasty, and no fuss. I have two similar recipes that I have used and made that are very easy, taste and smell great, and when you put them in the oven, you don’t have to touch them.

  • No Peek Chicken:
    • Ingredients:
      • 1 box Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Wild Rice (original recipe)
      • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
      • 1 can cream of celery soup
      • 2 cans of water
      • Chicken breasts, tenders, or thighs
  • Directions:
    • In a greased 9 x 13 pan, mix the box of rice, cans of soup, and water. Arrange the raw chicken on top of the mixture.
    • Cover with aluminum foil
    • Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 1/2 hours and DON’T PEEK!
  • No Peek Pork Chops
    • Ingredients:
      • 6 – 8 Boneless Pork Chops
      • salt and pepper to taste
      • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
      • 1 can cream of celery soup
      • 2 cups chicken broth or water
      • 1 1/2 cups long grain white rice, uncooked
      • 1 packet dry onion soup mix
  • Directions:
    • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease a 9 x 13 baking dish.
    • Mix the soups, chicken broth, rice and onion soup mix together, in the dish.
    • Season both sides of the pork chops and place in rice mixture.
    • Cover with foil and bake 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 hours until done and rice is tender. And again DON’T PEEK!

Happy Eating my Friends!

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Haunted Savannah

Several years ago, I was able to visit Savannah, GA, and I loved it. The city is amazing for many reasons; people, architecture, food, history, andHthe haunted history. I highly encourage you to visit Savannah, and for sure take part in a ghost tour, you won’t be disappointed.

As we learned last week, New Orleans claimed to be the most haunted city in the United States, and this week, Savannah is claiming it as well. Whether it is or not is up to you. Here are some things you may want to check out when visiting the city.

The Hamilton Turner Inn was made famous in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The paranormal activities reported include: children laughing, billiard balls rolling around on the upper floors, and a strange cigar-smoking man sitting on the roof.

The Marshall House is one of the best haunted hotels in the U.S. Since 1851, this hotel has been used as a hospital three times. The guests have reported paranormal experiences such as seeing ghosts in the hallways, hearing nonexistent children running down the halls and faucets turning on by themselves.

The ghost of a woman scorned, a slave cook and a servant boy are said to haunt 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Restaurant. You may hear the cook banging on pots in the kitchen or see a glimpse of a little servant boy. If you stay at the inn, you might spot Anna, one of the most famous ghost-girls in the city who haunts the upstairs guest rooms waiting for the return of her lost love.

Once a saloon and rest stop for seafarers from abroad, The Pirates’ House still stands today as one of Savannah’s most well-known restaurants. The Pirates’ House can’t escape its dark past. Many were brutishly shanghaied down in the boarding house basement and forced to serve on the sea. There are many secrets to be discovered at this world famous site.

Kehoe House, was originally the home of a family with 10 children. Sadly it’s rumored that 2 of them died in the house. Many who stay in the house state they have encountered ghost children. Before becoming the beautiful bed and breakfast, it used to be a funeral home, so many spirits may be staying with you at night.

While staying in Savannah, check out one of the restaurants that have excellent cuisine, and also heavy paranormal activity. Moon River Brewing Co, has ghosts that like to throw bottles, breeze by guests and play tricks on the staff. You have nothing to worry about as long as you stay away from the basement and the upstairs, which are the two most active areas of the building.

The city of Savannah has a number of cemeteries, and they all have their own unique history. My recommendation is to visit Bonaventure cemetery, and Colonial Park cemetery.

Have a great tour, enjoy some delicious food, interact with the local population, and lay your head in a historic home, with extra guests.

Happy Haunting!

Double Feature – Fun Size

In 2012, Hollywood provided us a new movie to enjoy for Halloween/October instead of the usual Halloween movies. Fun Size is rated PG-13.

Teenager Wren wanted to enjoy her Halloween by attending a party, instead, her dysfunctional family changes those plans. Her mother sticks Wren with babysitting duty by taking her younger brother, Albert, trick or treating while she goes off with a boy toy.

During the trick or treating fun, Albert gets lost. And now Wren can’t find him. She enlists her best friend April, and two lovable geeks to help her. They need to track down Albert and get him home before her mother gets home. Along the way the quartet navigates some pretty crazy situations and unpredictable Halloween hijinks.

Fun size has the following:

  • Victoria Justice – Wren
  • Chelsea Handler – Joy
  • Ana Gasteyer – Jackie
  • Jackson Nicoll – Albert
  • Jane Levy – April
  • Thomas Mann – Roosevelt
  • Osric Chau – Peng

To enjoy this family friendly movie, grab those bags of fun sized candy bars, pop open some Coca-Cola’s and watch Fun Size.

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Movie – The People Under the Stairs

In 1999, Wes Craven, the mastermind behind the Nightmare on Elm Street series, also gave us this movie. The People Under the Stairs is also a horror movie, that makes you judge your neighbors.

Fool, who just turned 13, wants to get even with his families landlord who is evicting them from their ghetto home. Another man, Leroy, offers to bring Fool along to rob the landlord home, which it rumored to be filled with gold. When the burglars enter the house they fail to find the reputed gold coins in the house, and two of them end up dead from the landlords, known as Mommy and Daddy.

Fool finds that he is now trapped inside the house. But lucky for him, the house has numerous tunnels and hidden passages behind the walls. Not only is Fool trying to escape Mommy and Daddy, but he has to stay away from the basement and the people who live down there.

Alice, a 12 year old girl living in the house with Mommy and Daddy, is helping Fool. She faces extreme punishment for helping him, but she’s hopeful he will escape and save them all.

The movie is a great option if you are tired of the blood and gore movies that are prevalent in most horror movies. Since this is rated R, be sure to have the kiddos in bed before starting the movie.

The People Under the Stairs has the following stars:

  • Brandon Quinton Adams – Fool
  • Everett McGill – Man
  • Wendy Robie – Woman
  • A.J. Langer – Alice
  • Ving Rhames – Leroy
  • Kelly Jo Minter – Ruby Williams

If you are looking for a movie, that is not just blood and gore, then choose this one and see if it meets your expectations. Grab a bag of Cheetoh’s, some good quality beer, and sit back for the movie.

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