The Lemp Mansion

When you think of St. Louis, MO, you may think of the Gateway Arch, the Cardinals baseball team, or even Budweiser beer. What you may not think of is a property that is now an Inn and Restaurant sitting 3 miles south of the Gateway Arch.

The Lemp Mansion is an historical house in St. Louis. It is also the site of three suicides by Lemp family members after the death of Frederick Lemp, the son of William Lemp Sr, who was being groomed to take over the brewery that was started in 1864. Unknown to the family Frederick had significant health problems and in December of 1901, Frederick died of heart failure due to his illnesses.

William Lemp Sr.

William Sr. was despondent after the death of his son, and was dealt another blow when in January, 1904, his best friend Frederick Pabst died. In February 1904, William Sr. committed suicide by gunshot.

Towards the end of the year, William “Billy” Lemp Jr. took over the brewing business. He and his wife divorced in 1908. The Brewery suffered during prohibition and it shut down and was sold off. In December of 1922, Billy shot himself in his office, a room that today is the front left dining room.

Elsa Lemp Wright, was not in the brewing business, but married Thomas Wright. They divorced and reconciled and a couple weeks after their second wedding, Elsa shot herself while in her bed. Some suspect the suicide to be a cover for murder.

Another suicide occurred in April of 1941 by Charles Lemp. The third son of William Sr. He never married but lived with his dog and a married couple who worked for him. In 1941, he sent a funeral home his final requests that he be cremated, and his ashes placed in a wicker basket and buried on is farm. He wanted no funeral, nor notice in the papers. He shot himself in the head in 1949.

The last, and only surviving son of William Sr, was Edwin Lemp. He worked in the brewery until 1913, but then retired to his estate “Cragwold”. He had a collection of animals, and dedicated himself to many charitable causes, primarily the St. Louis Zoo. Edwin died in 1970, at the age of 90.

So with a history like this, is the Lemp Mansion haunted? Well you need to be the judge for yourself on that. Here’s what has been reported by staff and guests alike:

  • Apparitions appear and then vanish
  • Voices and sounds come from nowhere
  • Glasses will lift off the bar and fly through the air by themselves
  • Doors are said to lock and unlock by themselves
  • Lights turn on and off on their own
  • The piano often plays when no one is near
  • The attic was the home of the “Monkey Face Boy” William Jr’s illegitimate son who was born with Down’s Syndrome. He lived his entire life locked in the attic.
  • The downstairs women’s bathroom, once the private domain of the womanizing William Jr., women report a man peering at them over the stall.
  • The Stairway is reported to have the sound of running feet. It is believed when William Sr. shot himself, Billy ran up the stairs and kicked at the door to get to his father.
  • The basement houses the entrance to the caves that connected the house to the brewery.

Be sure to contact the property to ensure their hours of operation, and check out their website

If you have visited the Lemp Mansion and have had experiences, please share them with me! I would love to hear about them.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

I love brownies. There is never a wrong time for brownies. From a box, from a store, homemade, they are always appreciated. Now add in some peanut butter and chocolate enhancing flavors, and you have a delight for your mouth. Here’s how you can make your own tray of luscious brownies for a crowd, your family, or with enough determination, yourself.

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 pound unsalted butter
    • 1 pound plus 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips (divided)
    • 6 ounces of unsweetened chocolate
    • 6 extra large eggs
    • 3 Tbsp instant coffee granules
    • 2 Tbsp pure vanilla extract
    • 2 1/4 cups sugar
    • 1 1/4 cups all purpose flour (divided)
    • 1 Tbsp baking powder
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 3/4 cup smooth peanut butter
  • Directions:
    • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter and flour a 12 by 18 by 1 1/2-inch sheet pan.
    • Melt together the butter, 1 pound of chocolate chips, and the unsweetened chocolate in a medium bowl over simmering water. Allow to cool slightly. In a large bowl, stir (do not beat) together the eggs, coffee granules, vanilla, and sugar. Stir the warm chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and allow to cool to room temperature.
    • In a medium bowl, sift together 1 cup of flour, the baking powder, and salt. Add to the cooled chocolate mixture. Toss the remaining 12 ounces of chocolate chips in a medium bowl with 1/4 cup of flour, then add them to the chocolate batter. Pour into the prepared sheet pan. Spoon the peanut butter over the top of the chocolate mixture and using a knife, swirl it through the chocolate mixture.
    • Bake for 20 minutes, then rap the baking sheet against the oven shelf to force the air to escape from between the pan and the brownie dough. Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes more or until a toothpick comes out clean. Do not overbake! Allow to cool thoroughly, refrigerate, and cut into large squares.

This recipe makes 20 very large brownies, or if you cut them smaller you may get 40 smaller ones. Keep in mind these are a heavy, denser brownie than what you may be used to. If you choose to eat them when they are still warm, consider a scoop of ice cream with your brownie for a delicious brownie a la mode option.

Happy Eating!

Cecil Hotel

There are a few hotels or motels that stand out to us that can be cause for alarm; Bates Motel, Overlook Hotel, and the Cecil Hotel. The season of American Horror Story: Hotel, is based on this location.

Built in 1924 as a destination for business travelers and tourists, the property called The Cecil boasted a marble lobby, stained glass windows, potted palms, and alabaster statuary. The hotel flourished until the 1940’s but after that the hotel slid into decline as the nearby area of Skid Row became popular with transients.

In 2007 a portion of the hotel was refurbished after new owners took over, and in 2011 the hotel was rebranded as “Stay On Main” partly to distance itself from its dark past. Still undergoing a massive renovation, the hotel is planned to reopen in 2021.

  • Now, the dark history.
    • The first suicide occurred in 1927 when Percy Cook, shot himself in the head while in his hotel room.
    • 1931, Guest WK Norton died in his room after taking poison capsules.
    • During the 1940’s and 1950’s more and more suicides occurred. In 2008, two long term residents nicknamed the hotel “The Suicide” and the moniker stuck. There have been at least 13 suicides at the hotel.
  • In addition to suicides, the hotel has seen other violence and disturbing happenings. It was a rendezvous spot for adulterous couples, drug activity, and a location for sex workers.
  • A false report claims that the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, was seen at the Cecil Hotel bar a few days before her unsolved death. This claim is false as no records of her being there exist.
  • 1964, a retired telemarketer, “Pigeon Goldie” Osgood was found dead in her room. She had been raped, stabbed, beaten, and her room ransacked. Her murder remains unsolved.
  • One of the most infamous residents of the hotel was serial killer Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker. He stayed at the hotel for several weeks and may have engaged in his killing spree while staying there. On August 30, 1985 residents stopped him from escaping until police arrived to arrest him.
  • 1991, serial killer from Austria Jack Unterweger, stayed at the Cecil, possibly to mimic Ramirez’s crimes, he strangled and killed three sex workers, for which he was convicted in Austria.
  • In 2013 The Cecil, by then known as the Stay On Main, was again in the news when a young Canadian student, Elisa Lam, was found naked in the hotel water cistern on the roof of the hotel. Her death had been ruled death by accidental drowning, with her extreme bipolar disorder being a significant factor.

Is the hotel haunted with all this violent history and death in its walls? Some people who believe in the paranormal will say it is. Some will say it isn’t. It’s for you to decide. You now know some of it’s dark past, so if you do decide to investigate and explore, please contact the property and gain permission first.

You are your own best investment

The Most Dysfunctional Family in America

Most people (except maybe the Kardashians) feel their family has a level of dysfunction. It could be that we have a grandmother who likes to escape from her nursing home wearing only a bikini and shower cap with high heels. It might be an uncle that wears only Civil War uniforms. It could simply be that our parents work 40 hours a week or more and we only see them on the weekends. Normal dysfunction. And then there is the extreme dysfunctionality; that of the Eddie Lee Sexton family.

**Warning: This article references acts of true crime, violence, incest, and murder. It may be too graphic for some people. Reader discretion is suggested.**

Eddie Lee Sexton was born in Logan, West Virginia, in 1942. His family consisted mostly of coal miners, his father was a part time Baptist preacher. Eddie was 21 when he married his pregnant girlfriend. She was 15. The next day, he got arrested for robbery of a gas station, and sentenced to five years in prison. His wife divorced him and had a son, Patrick.

Shortly after his release from prison, and his divorce from his first wife, Eddie Lee met Estella May. They married and settled in Stark County, Ohio, where they would have 12 children. Seven boys, and five girls; Willie, Patrick, Eddie Jr, Christopher, Matthew, James, Charles, Estella (Stella, or Pixie), Sherri, Machelle, Lana, and Kimberly.

Raising his family in an almost cult like manner, Eddie and Estella May, would commit extreme acts of abuse almost daily. ALL of the children were sexually abused, by both parents. They were beaten and locked in their rooms for minor infractions. Eddie allowed the children to attend public school, but they were only allowed one friend and not allowed to visit their friends homes, nor have their friends visit their home.

Eddie had mock wedding ceremonies with several of his daughters, pictures show bridal veils and the ceremony performed in the living room. This was a prelude to him raping his daughters. It is believed that Eddie’s daughter Pixie was willingly having intercourse with her father. Love letters from Pixie to her father were later uncovered, and some of the other children had witnessed them having sex together outside the home. After impregnating his daughter, Estella (Pixie) he encouraged her to find a boyfriend so that the suspicion wouldn’t fall on him. Another daughter, Sherri, would also bear a child by her father.

Pixie, met Joel Good, a classmate who was slow-witted and overly trusting. They did eventually marry, even though his family had suspicions of Pixie and the parentage of her two young girls. After the wedding, Pixie gave birth to a boy, who was given the name Skipper Good. Joel and Pixie never consummated their marriage, so the child she named Skipper could only have been her father’s child.

The county officials had been maintaining a file on the Sexton family since 1979. They had lacked evidence of the abuse and neglect towards the children. Until 1992.

Machelle, who was now 18, informed employees at a women’s shelter that her father had raped her. Because of this, three of the six minor children still living at home were removed and went into foster care. Machelle later retracted her allegations, complicating an already complicated case.

After several months in the foster system, young Lana Sexton confided in her foster mother that her birth mother had sexually abused her. She was given a medical exam that found scarring consistent with her story. The county moved to take custody of all the minor children. Eddie Lee and his wife Estella, tried to slow the process with legal motions and attempting to prove Native American ancestry to shift the case to a tribal court.

When they became ineffective, the Sexton’s went on the run. Eddie, Estella, three of the minor children, several adult children including Joel and Pixie and their three young children. A total of 11 people lived in a cramped van as they roamed the country. Eventually they ended up in Florida, at the campsites at the Little Manatee River State Park. Eddies planned for a showdown with the police.

October 19 or 20, 1993. Pixie smothered her son Skipper to death. He had been ill and Eddie refused a doctor visit. Pixie believed her father had the power to resurrect the child. He was eventually buried in a peat bog near the camp site. Joel was suspicious of the excuse Pixie gave him about Skipper dying of SIDS.

When Joel and Pixie went to a library, Eddie was furious that they went without his permission. The librarian overheard Pixie tell Eddie, that Joel was heartbroken over Skipper’s death and wanted to return to Ohio. Eddie told Pixie that Joel would return to Ohio only as a corpse. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Joel was murdered by 24 year old Willie Sexton. He was buried in a swamp not far from Skipper.

They were finally arrested in January of 1994. The investigation and trial into this sordid family saga lasted until November of 1994, when, after 3 hours of deliberation, Eddie Lee Sexton was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was granted a second trial where he was again found guilty and sentenced to death again in 1998. He died of natural causes in prison in Florida in 2010. In October 2017, Estella May died of natural causes as well, aged 70.

Be ever alert to those around you, make good choices, stay safe

Mystery – You Don’t Know Jack

Whitechapel district, London, 1880’s. Population swell to approximately 80,000 people. Mostly lower class, working, immigrants from Ireland, Tsarist Russia, and other Eastern European locations. Robbery, violence, and alcohol dependency were common. An estimated 62 brothels operated in this area, and 1200 women were working as prostitutes to simply survive. And for three years, a series of savage murders took place that received unprecedented media coverage, labeling the killer as, “Jack The Ripper“.

**Warning: This post may contain graphic details of crime scenes, images of victims, and other uncomfortable situations. Reader discretion is suggested.**

It is rather uncertain how many victims were murdered by the same person, labeled as Jack the Ripper. Eleven murders were collectively known as the ‘Whitechapel Murders’ by the police. The victims had deep slash wounds to the throat, extensive abdominal and genital mutilation and, the removal of internal organs. There was also progressive facial mutilations.

The first two murders, those of Emma Elizabeth Smith, and Martha Tabram, were not included in the Ripper murders as Emma, who died of her attack the next day said three men attacked her. Martha, who wasn’t able to provide information except on the autopsy table, showed multiple stab wounds, but no slash wounds to the throat. Because of these differences, experts agree they weren’t connected to the Ripper murders. But maybe he was developing his skill?

1888, Buck’s Row, Whitechapel. Mary Ann Nichols was last seen alive, around 2.40 am August 31, by Mrs. Emily Holland. Mary Ann’s throat was severed by two deep cuts, one of which severed all tissue to the vertebrae. Her genital area had been stabbed twice, and lower abdomen was partly ripped open.

One week later, on September 8, the body of Annie Chapman was discovered at approximately 6 am near the steps to the doorway of the back yard to a house on Hanbury Street. Similar to Mary Ann, her throat was severed by two deep cuts, her abdomen was entirely open. Autopsy revealed that some of her internal organs had been removed.

Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes were both killed in the early morning of September 30, 1888. Elizabeth was discovered at 1 am in Dutfields Yard, off Berner Street. Her cause of death was a single clear cut incision, 6 inches across her neck which severed her carotid artery. No further mutilations to the body made authorities question if this was by the same person or if he was interrupted in the attack.

Catherine was found in Mitre Square in the City of London. She was discovered approximately 45 minutes after the discovery of Elizabeth Stride. Her throat was severed, and abdomen ripped open. Many of her internal organs had been removed and left outside her body, her face had been disfigured with her nose being severed, her cheek slashed, and her eyelids vertically incised. These two murders later became known as the “double event.”

The extensively mutilated and disemboweled body of Mary Jane Kelly was found in her bed at 13 Miller’s Court. She was found on November 9, 1888 at 10.45 am. Mary Jane’s face was unrecognizable, her throat severed down to the spine, her abdomen was almost empty of her organs. Her uterus, kidneys, and one breast were placed beneath her head. Her heart was missing from the scene.

These five crimes, called the canonical five, were committed at night, on or close to a weekend. The mutilations became more severe as the murders progressed, except for Elizabeth which her attacker may have been interrupted. It is strongly believed that these five women were the Ripper’s only victims.

But who was Jack the Ripper? There are five suspects as to who the real Ripper was:

Montague John Druitt, an Oxford educated man from a fairly good family. Some believe he was sexually insane, and lived on the other side of the Thames from Whitechapel. He had committed suicide around the time of Mary Jane Kelly’s murder and after his death, the murders stopped.

Carl Feigenbaum, a 54 year old German merchant sailor. He was a psychopath who confessed to mutilating women. He worked on ships that docked near Whitechapel, records show he was in Whitechapel on all five dates of the murders. After emigrating to America in 1890, he was convicted of a woman’s murder that resembled Jack The Ripper.

A Polish barber named, Aaron Kosminski was also suspected. The fact that his mitochondrial DNA was on Catherine Eddowes shawl, isn’t helping to prove his innocence. He carried a strong hatred of women, and had homicidal tendencies. He was sent to an asylum in 1889 where he died shortly after.

Francis Craig, a reporter, who covered the police courts and the Whitechapel murders, but who is also the husband of Elizabeth Weston Davies, aka Mary Jane Kelly. It’s suspected that when Francis learned his wife worked as a prostitute, he began to plot her murder and she went into hiding under her pseudonym. Francis disguised his involvement by murdering other prostitutes in the area beforehand.

Walter Sickert, an artist and native of Germany, he is believed to be behind the Whitechapel murders. He was also pinpointed as the Ripper, in the book Jack the Ripper – Case Closed, by Patricia Cornwell. There is belief that he inserted clues and symbols about Jack he Ripper into his own artwork. It is also believed that Walter was impotent, and experts suggest that Jack also had an impotence problem, and why he targeted prostitutes so violently. Patricia Cornwell found mitochondrial DNA on several Jack the Ripper letters, that match Walter. But it wasn’t enough to convince experts. Walter passed away in 1942, taking any secrets about Jack to the grave.

So who do you think was Jack the Ripper? Do you think it was one of these five men? Could it have been a woman? Let me know your thoughts on this case.

Be ever alert, make good choices, stay safe

Whitechapel, London, England

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. A day we celebrate the men in our lives that have been there since day one. Who where our first heros and the man we compare all other men to.

Our dad’s took care of things for us like teaching us to throw a baseball, how to blow bubbles in our milk, or even telling us jokes and stories to make us laugh.

Dads are the ones who protect us, defend us, keep our cars running, know what a 10mm wrench is needed for and has every tool known to man somewhere in the garage. We call him to help us with a flat tire, or to even buy us dinner.

Here’s to all the Dad’s, Step Dad’s, Foster Dad’s, Adopted Dad’s, Surrogate Dad’s, and even those men who may have only been in our life briefly. Remember to call them, thank them, and love them for all they have done!

Thank you Dads!!

Shout out to Darrel B., Michael B., Jacob S., Robert Y., Jason S., and LeRoy S. You are all some of the best dads I know! Enjoy your day!!

The Rock

If you think this post is about Dwayne Johnson, I’m sorry to mislead you, we are not talking about that Rock today, although he is worthy of his own post admiring him. However today we are going to discuss The Rock, as in Alcatraz Prison.

Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz, located on a island in the San Francisco bay, was a notorious prison. Those sent there knew there was virtually no way to escape, and the waters surrounding the island were freezing cold and hazardous to swim due to the strong currents.

Originally built in 1847, 1.25 miles from San Francisco, CA. The small island was originally developed for a federal prison, military prison, lighthouse and military barracks. The federal prison operated from 1934 to 1963.

In 1969 the island was occupied by a group of Native American Activists from across the country. They held control of the island for 19 months. They wanted to convert the island into a Native American education, ecology, and cultural center. The provisions set forth by the Treaty of Laramie of 1868, stated that all federal lands that are abandoned, retired, or out of use would be returned to the native peoples from whom they were acquired. So for all purposes, the Activists were proceeding according to the law. In 1971 after months of negotiations, the occupation ended.

But onto the rest of the story; the federal prison was established in 1933 after it was converted from a military prison. It was intended to house prisoners who continually caused problems at other facilities.

The prison had seen notorious criminals in it’s 29 years of service such as; Al Capone, Robert Stroud (The Birdman of Alcatraz), George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Doc Barker, Alvin Karpis, just to name a few.

During it’s time as a penitentiary, the facility bragged that no successful escape had occurred. 36 prisoners made 14 escape attempts. 2 prisoners tried twice. 23 were caught and returned, 6 were shot and killed during the attempt, 2 drowned and 5 are listed as missing presumed drowned. In my honest opinion, I disagree. It is probably widely believed that 3 men were successful in their escape from The Rock.

Frank Morris

Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin. They are currently missing and presumed drowned. They escaped by putting papier Mache heads, resembling their own in their beds, and escaped via an unused utility corridor, out to an inflatable raft of sorts. Where they ended up is unknown but it is believed that the Anglin brothers went to South America. And then returned to the United States, staying in South Florida. Their family received postcards randomly and from different locations. Their mother received flowers every Mother’s day until her death in 1973. At her funeral, two very tall, heavily made up women were seen attending the funeral.

John (L) and Clarence Anglin

The FBI confirmed the receipt of a letter received in 2018, presumed to be written by John Anglin, stating that Frank died in 2008 and is buried in Alexandria by a different name, Clarence had passed away in 2011. John was looking to negotiate the terms of his surrender for medical help for his cancer. You decide if they escaped or not. I believe they did.

But with all the history and reputation of the prison, is it haunted?

Many people have experienced phenomena in the prison. Inmates, guards, and now those tourists who visit the island. Some of the things you may experience include:

  • Cell 14D- The dreaded cell that many visitors claim has an extreme coldness that surrounds them. The inmate in this cell died, screaming that a creature was going to kill him. Cell 14D (Left) was a punishment cell.
  • Cell blocks, A,B, and C – From these blocks you may hear disembodied screams or moans.
  • There is the chance you may encounter a prisoner known as “The Butcher” who was executed in the 1940’s.

The prison is now part of the National Parks department and provide a variety of tours on the island. Be sure to view their website at

Have you had the opportunity to check out Alcatraz? If so have you experienced any paranormal events? Please share if you have!

You are your own best investment


Most of the true crime cases I bring to you are ones from the last century or so. This one, is one from the 1600’s in Sicily/Italy and it’s reported she may have helped kill over 600 men. So let’s dive into the fairly unusual case of Giulia Tofana.

Giulia was born in Palermo in 1620, in a place and time where divorce was unheard of and children (both girls and boys) were married off into loveless relationships. They were more business arrangements than anything else. Escaping marriage was only achieved if your spouse died, or if you risked your reputation by turning to prostitution.

When Giulia was approximately 13, both of her parents died. It is believed that her mother murdered her abusive husband and was later executed for it.

After her parents died, the young, beautiful Giulia spent a lot of time in apothecaries, and was present when they were making their potions eventually developing her own poison; Aqua Tofana. It was a colorless, tasteless poison, and was mostly arsenic, lead and possibly belladonna.

Giulia made a business out of selling her poison to both men and women who wanted to escape their marriages. Giulia and her daughter; Girolama Spera, were both in the business together. Eventually moving their services to Naples and Rome. It is not known whether she was married, or if she had decided to escape her marriage at any time.

So how did she do it?

As Giulia’s clientele were mostly women, as she sympathized with them most, she disguised her poison as either a healing oil or an ordinary perfume. The poison was in plain sight on the dressing tables of these women and when their husbands annoyed them too much, they simply gave them a dose of the poison, whether in tea, soup, or simply as a medicine.

The poison was slow acting, and worked in multiple doses; first dose would produce cold like symptoms. The second dose compounded those symptoms and the victim would be extremely ill by the third dose. Symptoms included vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, burning sensations in the digestive system. The fourth dose would kill the victim. It allowed the victim time to repent and write a will.

And Giulia was a savvy woman. She instructed her clients to make the death look like it was caused by a simple disease. She coached them on how to act, what to do, what to say, and instructed them to demand a coroner’s exam to not draw suspicion.

As her business was by referral only, Giulia was known as a friend to the troubled wife and business was booming.

As is the norm, all good things come to an end. And Giulia and her business were finally revealed to Papal authorities by one of her customers. As she was so popular, authorities had a hard time finding her as the locals protected and hid her. She finally escaped to a church and was given sanctuary, but a dark rumor that she poisoned the water supply encouraged authorities to drag her from the church and in for questioning.

Under torture, she confessed to killing 600 men between 1633 and 1651. And in July of 1659, Giulia, her daughter Girolama, and three other employees were all executed.

What are your thoughts on this unusual case? Please share them in the comments, and thank you for reading about Guilia and Aqua Tofana.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

Peanut Butter Jelly Bars

There are some foods that are iconic. They remind you of your childhood, simpler times, or even a comfort. This is all three in one. You can use whatever jam/jelly you prefer, as it is not required to use only one option. That’s what is lovely about this recipe, you can make it to your tastes or a combination of flavors at one time.

  • Ingredients:
    • ½ pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter at room temperature
    • 1½ cups sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 2 eggs, at room temperature
    • 18 ounces creamy peanut butter
    • 3 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1½ teaspoons salt
    • 18 ounces jam or jelly
    • 2/3 cups salted peanuts, coarsely chopped
  • Directions:
    • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a 9 x 13 x 2-inch baking pan.
    • In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar on medium speed until light yellow, about 2 minutes.  With the mixer on low speed, add the vanilla, eggs, and peanut butter and mix until well combined.
    • In a small bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt.  With the mixer on low speed, slowly add the flour mixture to the peanut butter mixture.  Mix just until combined.
    • Spread two thirds of the dough in the prepared pan, spread evenly. Spread the jam evenly over the dough.  You can add two (or more) types of jam/jelly on the same pan if desired. Drop small globs of the remaining dough evenly over the jam. Don’t worry if all the jam isn’t covered; the dough will spread when it bakes. Sprinkle with the chopped peanuts and bake for 45 minutes, until golden brown.  Cool before cutting.

This is a great recipe for kids, parents, groups, anyone who loves classic flavors of peanut butter and jelly. If you have alternatives to this recipe that you have tried and love, please share them with me, I would love to try variations.

Happy Eating!

I say, Yes yes

*This post is not sponsored by any brands or names mentioned there in*

I’m not one to follow many trends, I don’t usually follow the crowd. I simply stay on my own and do my own thing. I like what I like and I don’t apologize for that. So it’s amazing to me that I actually found a YouTube channel that I like, and even more than one.

I came across the channel by Bailey Sarian on accident. If you aren’t familiar with her, she is amazing! I watch her Murder, Mystery, and Make Up Mondays. While relaying a true crime story, she does her make up as only a make up artist could.

Bailey tells the story in a way that is easy to understand and she keeps you entertained. (Suspish, I say nay nay) This channel has all of things I enjoy. And the cases she talks about are not always the big cases, she usually shies away from the ones about the more well known killers, as she says there isn’t always much more to tell than what we know. So you can learn about ones that you didn’t even know existed.

If a combination of true crime, makeup, and humor is something you find you enjoy, you might be interested in her series. I highly encourage you to check out her channel on YouTube, she is also on other forms of social media, and has recently launched a podcast.

Please check her out, she’s fabulous at what she does, and is down to earth enough that I would love to have her in my area so we can hang out and talk true crime. Or at least get some great tips on how to do my own make up.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you