Ararat Asylum

The last Saturday of January 2022, and today will complete our world tour of paranormal locations. We visited Antarctica, Barbados, China, South Africa, and today we go Down Under to Ararat, Victoria, Australia. About 2.5 hours southwest of Melbourne Australia, you will find the small town of Ararat. In the 1800’s the gold rush broughtContinue reading “Ararat Asylum”

The Lesbian Vampire Killer

**This post contains photos of crime scenes, please use discretion when viewing** We are finishing up the month with the last vampire case I have for you, at this time. This case comes from Australia, and involves four young women who murdered a man, for no other reason than to watch him die, and reportedlyContinue reading “The Lesbian Vampire Killer”

Picton Mushroom Tunnel

Most towns, communities, and families all have a story about a nearby location that has a morbid story behind it. These stories are used for entertainment, to frighten kids, and also to prove your bravery when you are a young adult. Normally these stories have no basis in fact, and usually are urban legends thatContinue reading “Picton Mushroom Tunnel”