Marie Hilley

Marie was more than a wife and mother. She was a heartless, calculating, poisoning black widow who also attempted to kill her own child. Here is the story of Marie Hilley. In Anniston Alabama, Audrey Frazier was born in 1933. She married Frank Hilley in 1951 and they had two children, Mike and Carol. Marie,Continue reading “Marie Hilley”

Buenoano is not a Goodyear

Black Widows, we aren’t talking about the spiders, but these species are just as deadly. Women who choose to kill their spouses or boyfriends and may kill others are referred to as Black Widows. Judy Buenoano is no exception, but luckily, she was caught when her death toll was relatively low. Born in April 1943,Continue reading “Buenoano is not a Goodyear”


Oftentimes the closest people to a homicide victim are involved in their demise, especially when there had been controversy from the very beginning of their relationship. But for Celeste Johnson, controversy didn’t bother her especially when the man she was looking at was older, wealthy, and willing to marry her and adopt her twin daughters.Continue reading “Celeste”