I don’t like Mondays

Many of us dread the start of our work week. Mondays can be hard to handle. The weekend is a destress time and the time to do something fun. But when Monday rolls around we rouse ourselves from our beds, shower, prepare for work or school and drink copious amounts of coffee to get intoContinue reading “I don’t like Mondays”

Robert Limon

I think this case will present another reason why love triangles are never a good idea, even if you have an open marriage. Let’s talk about the case of Robert, Sabrina and Jonathan. Robert and Sabrina married on August 19, 2000, and moved from Arizona to Silver Lakes, California. Robert worked as a mechanic forContinue reading “Robert Limon”

The Vampire of Sacramento

My love of vampires started with The Lost Boys, and then grew as the popularity of vampires grew as well. Anne Rice with her Interview With A Vampire series and various other authors solidified my love of vampires. With my love of this supernatural creature, I’ve never once thought, “I need to drink blood toContinue reading “The Vampire of Sacramento”

Sunset Strip Killers

There are couples who kill together, and make their crimes two times as bad. Today’s couple were active for 10 weeks in 1980, they have six victims and have been dubbed the Sunset Strip Killers. Today we discuss Doug Clark and Carol Bundy. Doug was born in 1948, he is currently 73 years old, andContinue reading “Sunset Strip Killers”

Pitkin-Conrow House

California has many reasons to visit, and one more would be the Pitkin-Conrow House. This elegant Victorian home is located in Arroyo Grande, CA, and has a legend of being haunted. In 1890, Charles Pitkin had the house built as a wedding present for his new wife, Julia Louis Goodwin. Two years after the houseContinue reading “Pitkin-Conrow House”

Winchester House

When you have almost unlimited funds, a fear of being haunted, and the ability to do what you want, what do you do? For Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, after tragedy befell her, she began to add, modify, remodel, renovate, and anything else she could think of, to her San Jose, CA, home. For over thirtyContinue reading “Winchester House”