Mystery – The Grimes Sisters

People don’t go missing for no reason. They either want to be alone, start over in life, or are simple taken away against their wishes. For Patricia and Barbara Grimes, the latter is what happened to them in 1956. December 28, 1956, the two sisters, who were very close to each other went to aContinue reading “Mystery – The Grimes Sisters”

Bachelor’s Grove

I’ve talked about some cemeteries before on this site, but I saved Bachelor’s Grove for October. I figured it was a great way to start off one of the best months of the year. Let’s dig into the paranormal soil that resides inside the gates of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Chicago, IL; home to the WillisContinue reading “Bachelor’s Grove”

Mystery – Tylenol

When we reach into our medicine cabinets for a pain reliever, we have options; Aleve, Advil, Aspirin, and Tylenol. Never expecting that the pills in those bottles are going to do anything besides take away the pain we are experiencing at the moment. However in 1982, seven innocent people died when taking Tylenol in theContinue reading “Mystery – Tylenol”