Recipe – Chicken, Rice, and Green Bean Casserole

Trust me when I say that I was doubtful of this one at first. But being willing to try it, we did, and it’s a fan favorite in our house. Because you can use left over chicken, it’s a quick meal, and it’s great for leftovers the next day. Give it a try, you won’tContinue reading “Recipe – Chicken, Rice, and Green Bean Casserole”

Recipe – Crockpot Chicken and Noodles

January in Wisconsin is snowy, windy, cold, and all you want is to sit in front of a fire, with a blanket, a good movie, and a dish of Chicken and Noodles from the crockpot. The chicken is fork tender, the smell is heavenly, and it warms you while it fills you up. Feel freeContinue reading “Recipe – Crockpot Chicken and Noodles”

On The Dinner Table – Chicken Spaghetti

My sister is a fabulous cook herself and she shared this recipe with me when I was at her house in July. I knew immediately that this was a recipe my family would love and I was right. We have made this several times since then and loved it each and every time. Ingredients: 1Continue reading “On The Dinner Table – Chicken Spaghetti”

On The Dinner Table: The BEST Chicken Sandwich EVER!

Who doesn’t love a juicy, crispy, flavorful chicken sandwich? Why are these masterful creations only found with a price tag of $10.99 USD or more? I tackled this recipe the other day and I will never look at a processed chicken patty again. Not only was this the easiest to make, it had the absoluteContinue reading “On The Dinner Table: The BEST Chicken Sandwich EVER!”