Mystery – The Redhead Murders

Unknown criminals are scary, even more so when the perpetrator has a particular type of victim that he looks for. In this case the suspect is believed to be a male serial killer whose preferred victim is females with reddish hair. After killing them he abandons their body along a major highway. The murders startedContinue reading “Mystery – The Redhead Murders”

Mystery – Sims Family Triple Murder

When a case goes cold it makes the survivors have to keep reliving the crime over and over, because the investigators go back again and again to see if something new was remembered or if they get a new lead. Today’s case is a Cold Case from Tallahassee, Florida, and it begins at 641 MurielContinue reading “Mystery – Sims Family Triple Murder”

Wild Wisconsin

I’m not disappointed with Wisconsin. Just as long as the snow only accumulates on the yards and not the roads, we would be ideal. Since that doesn’t happen, I have to find other ways to enjoy Wisconsin in winter. Enter true crime sites. Today I found a unique true crime case that was new toContinue reading “Wild Wisconsin”