Cult – Children of God

Today I want to talk about the cult that River Phoenix, Joachim Phoenix, and Rose McGowan all were a part of in their youth. Children of God, sounds harmless right? Unfortunately, the activities inside the cult became gruesome over the course of years, becoming one of the most disturbing cults to ever exist. In 1968,Continue reading “Cult – Children of God”

House of Yahweh

There is a lot of crazy in this world. There is your everyday crazy like forgetting to take your dog with you to the vet. There is your certifiable crazy, like admitted into a hospital an given a strait jacket. And then there is the extreme levels of crazy, like religious based cults. Today I’mContinue reading “House of Yahweh”


**This article may be too intense for some readers, it may contain adult language, references to sexual relations, incest, and rape. Reader discretion is suggested.** Currently Marcus Delon Wesson, aged 75, resides in San Quentin State Prison. He is waiting for his execution. He was convicted in 2005 for nine counts for first degree murder;Continue reading “Marcus”

Aum Shinrikyo

Last week we visited Jonestown. This week I’m taking to you Japan with me. There was an organization (read cult) founded in 1984 by Shoko Asahara. As with Jonestown, let’s start with the organization’s founder. Born in 1955 as Chizuo Matsumoto, he had infantile glaucoma from birth, and he was blind in one eye, andContinue reading “Aum Shinrikyo”

Peoples Temple

Cult leaders have shared characteristics with each other, at times they are: charismatic, intuitive, narcissistic, articulate, pathological liars, sociopathic in that they don’t feel guilt for their actions, they view people as assets or objects, and they use others to carry out their demands. There are other traits of cult leaders, but you will findContinue reading “Peoples Temple”