Double Feature – Dracula Dead and Loving It

This is a horror comedy. It’s a Mel Brooks film, and as I have said before, he’s a genius. The movie was released in 1995, and follows the Bram Stoker Dracula story to a degree, but interpreted as only Mel Brooks can do. Taking place in 1893, the story starts with Thomas Renfield travelling toContinue reading “Double Feature – Dracula Dead and Loving It”

Double Feature – Addams Family Values

After the success of the first Addams Family movie in 1991, we were delighted to get another installment of the kooky family. In 1993, we were introduced to the newest Addams Family member, Pubert. Gomez and Morticia bring home a new bundle of joy, and immediately Wednesday and Pugsley try to simply play with theirContinue reading “Double Feature – Addams Family Values”

Double Feature – The Addams Family

We were first introduced to the Addams Family in 1964, lead by John Astin. Now don’t get me wrong, this is classic television and I will watch it if it is on TV. However, in 1991, we were reintroduced to the Addams Family, for me, I was hooked. The movie starts out with Gomez missingContinue reading “Double Feature – The Addams Family”

Double Feature – Casper Meets Wendy

Earlier this month we showcased the movie Casper, the movie about the friendly ghost. Now we reunite with Casper and his uncles, and they are taking a vacation. While at the resort, Casper meets a little girl named Wendy. Wendy is at the resort hiding out with her three aunts, and they are all witches.Continue reading “Double Feature – Casper Meets Wendy”

Double Feature – Witches of Eastwick

Another movie that I absolutely adore and watch often. This is another movie that I had been introduced to when I was younger and I was hooked on it. The movie is about three women who are best friends, and single. Some with kids, some with out. One thing they all have in common –Continue reading “Double Feature – Witches of Eastwick”

Double Feature – Halloweentown

There is almost a cult-like following for this movie. It is almost as popular as other Halloween themed movies and in some places even more so. The story follows the Piper siblings, and their grandmother, who is a good witch and resides in Halloweentown. Aggie, the grandmother, comes to visit but really wants to startContinue reading “Double Feature – Halloweentown”

Double Feature – Hotel Transylvania

I think this is a great family movie, one that kids and adults will enjoy. All year round. This movie is the start of a soon to be four movie series, and I was pleasantly happy with how the story line was told. Mavis, who’s father is over protective of her, and oh yeah, he’sContinue reading “Double Feature – Hotel Transylvania”

Double Feature – It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This is a classic Halloween movie that stars everyone’s favorite constant sufferer, Charlie Brown. This movie was released in 1966 and is animated, lasting 25 minutes. This movie is great for the whole family. Charlie and his friends plan to go trick or treating, and at each house they go to, everyone gets chocolate bars,Continue reading “Double Feature – It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

Double Feature – Ghostbusters 2

After the great success of the first Ghostbusters, Hollywood came out with a second movie five years later. The same actors reprise their roles, but the story line is completely different. We first meet Dana Barrett, who is living in a different apartment, has a young child, and is working now in a museum. SheContinue reading “Double Feature – Ghostbusters 2”

Double Feature – Ghostbusters

In 1984, we were introduced to Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler. I was five years old and saw it in the theater with my parents. At five I was a little startled at the beginning of the movie, but remember it was a movie about ghosts. I may have beenContinue reading “Double Feature – Ghostbusters”