The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – U to Z

As we finish up the alphabet today for that sexy feeling we want to embrace, remember these are all suggestions and are meant to be used to inspire you. Do what you like and what feels good, and maybe find other ways to bring that sexy back. As always when participating with a partner, beContinue reading “The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – U to Z”

The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – G to M

Exploring ways to bring that sexy feeling back, not only for us, but for our partners as well. Last week I started the alphabet with A to F, today I’m going to continue it and hopefully find more ways you can use to bring the sexy back. As mentioned last week, please practice these suggestionsContinue reading “The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – G to M”

What can Tats do for you?

There are numerous ways we can empower ourselves, online courses, sports, blogging, traveling, just to name a few. But another has come to mind that I have on my list of things to do, however I need to find the perfect piece of art first. I’m talking about tattoos. I love the look of tattoos,Continue reading “What can Tats do for you?”

Empowering From The Corner

The older I get the faster times goes until I’m afraid I’ve used all my time planning to do something, but never getting around to do it. Well I’ve changed the status quo and have started to do something. In this crazy day and age, we need to build each other up more instead ofContinue reading “Empowering From The Corner”