Double Feature – Goosebumps

In the 1990’s R.L. Stine started writing the Goosebumps series, which was extremely popular with young adults. There are over 200 books in the series, and now movies are being produced about the series, starring Jack Black. I am not a huge Jack Black fan, but I find that I like more of his moviesContinue reading “Double Feature – Goosebumps”

Double Feature – Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks is a genius. He has two movies on my list, and one will be shared later this month. But not only are his movies hilarious, the man makes me laugh with little effort. In 1974, he came out with Young Frankenstein, a retelling of the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. A humorous version. The movieContinue reading “Double Feature – Young Frankenstein”

Double Feature – Teen Witch

When this movie came out in 1989, I immediately fell in love with it. It was a teenage girl, who was not the most popular in school, but learns she is actually a witch! Louise Miller is almost 16, and the one thing she wants most is to kiss Brad Powell, and to not beContinue reading “Double Feature – Teen Witch”

Double Feature – Transylvania 6-5000

In 1985, the movies, the music, the fashion, were all awesome. This movie is fun, it is a comedy but embraces the classic movie monsters from Hollywood. Two tabloid reporters are dispatched to Transylvania to get the story of a Frankenstein reporting. Meeting a cast of characters in the small town, the two reporters discoverContinue reading “Double Feature – Transylvania 6-5000”

Double Feature – Monster House

Monster House is an animated movie from 2006, that takes place at the end of October. DJ and Chowder are best friends and believe that the house across the street from DJ is possessed. The adults don’t believe him. Nor does his babysitter, Zee. Jenny is out selling candy for her school and attempts toContinue reading “Double Feature – Monster House”

Double Feature – Little Vampire

One vampire movie is never enough. This is the family friendly version of a vampire movie. Little Vampire was originally released in 2000, and is rated PG. Young Tony Thompson has just moved to Scotland (A girl can hope to do that too) with his parents. And he’s bored, and his imagination starts working. HeContinue reading “Double Feature – Little Vampire”

Double Feature – Little Shop Of Horrors

Don’t let the title fool you! This isn’t a scary horror movie. It has a few intense moments for younger viewers, but overall it’s a good family movie. This would be described as a musical, but it has comedy, horror, romance, and science fiction all wrapped up in one amazing movie. Released in 1986 (ThereContinue reading “Double Feature – Little Shop Of Horrors”