The Best Decade for Fashion

Fashion seems to change all the time, if not yearly then for sure each decade had it’s own aesthetic. If you think about the last 100 years of fashion you can pick out certain styles and trends that are the epitome of a certain decade. For example, if I mentioned flapper dresses and cloche hats,Continue reading “The Best Decade for Fashion”

The House That Coco Built

Hello my lovelies. It’s been a crazy week and a crazy day. So this post is coming super late, and I apologize since I don’t like to do it this late. Today is Friday and I was thinking about fashion icons. We all have people we want to emulate for one reason or another. MaybeContinue reading “The House That Coco Built”

Lingering Over Lingerie

In my honest opinion we, as women, NEED lingerie. It’s something that we can control in our otherwise crazy lives, to give us some much needed confidence, beauty, and not to mention, who doesn’t want to feel sexy knowing they have silk and lace against their skin? Even if we only wear it for ourselves,Continue reading “Lingering Over Lingerie”