Pilgrim State Hospital

It’s been a few weeks since we went ghost hunting, virtually at least. Today I am taking you to Pilgrim State Hospital. Another abandoned psychiatric hospital, this one located in New York. Pilgrim State Hospital was originally built in 1931 to alleviate the overcrowding at other hospitals and the original location had dozens of buildingsContinue reading “Pilgrim State Hospital”

Hurricane Mills Mansion

In Tennessee there is a property that is reported to be haunted. And several people have experienced a variety of paranormal events at the location. The property is open to tours, and even to stay over. Oh yeah, the property is also owned by the Coal Miner’s Daughter, Loretta Lynn. The 19th century plantation homeContinue reading “Hurricane Mills Mansion”

Ohio State Reformatory

Attention all Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Researchers – You don’t want to miss out on the Ohio State Reformatory. It’s one that has a long history for inmates, but a long history of the paranormal. And the property may seem familiar to many of you, at the end of this post I will reveal whyContinue reading “Ohio State Reformatory”

Hellfire Club

Ireland has to be one of the most beautiful countries created on this planet. And the history of the island goes back millennia. When I was looking for paranormal topics, this location came up and I wasn’t going to overlook it. Renew your passport, we are heading to Dublin and the Hellfire Club. The HellContinue reading “Hellfire Club”

Highgate Cemetery

London is home to many people above ground and below ground. There are many cemeteries in London, and Highgate Cemetery is one of them. It is also one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries in London. Highgate Cemetery holds over 170,000 people, buried in 53,000 graves on 37 acres and has a place on the RegisterContinue reading “Highgate Cemetery”

Woodland Cemetery

Happy Friday! Since many of us enjoy the things that go bump in the night, I wanted to visit another cemetery. This one is located in Dayton, Ohio and has been a place of eternal rest for over 175 years. The cemetery holds over 110,000 souls, and has some big names resting inside. Also withContinue reading “Woodland Cemetery”

Wisconsin – Brumder Mansion

At 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, you will find a Victorian/Gothic mansion that is currently a bed and breakfast. It is touted as Wisconsin’s Most Haunted House. Let’s learn about the Brumder Mansion and their hauntings. The red brick home has been restored to its prime, and the furnishings and decor take guests backContinue reading “Wisconsin – Brumder Mansion”

Ararat Asylum

The last Saturday of January 2022, and today will complete our world tour of paranormal locations. We visited Antarctica, Barbados, China, South Africa, and today we go Down Under to Ararat, Victoria, Australia. About 2.5 hours southwest of Melbourne Australia, you will find the small town of Ararat. In the 1800’s the gold rush broughtContinue reading “Ararat Asylum”

The Red Onion Saloon

Alaska has always been a destination on my bucket list. The state is the largest in the United States and has some of the most beautiful land on Earth. You have abundant wildlife, acres of forests, mountains, snow, cold, and great history. I could probably have a post entirely on Alaska, and in the futureContinue reading “The Red Onion Saloon”

Castle of Good Hope

Africa is a mysterious continent, there are drastic differences between the north and the south, and South Africa at the tip seems to break free from the stereotype of either desert or jungle and is a thriving country. But like any country, it is not without its own history and identity. Part of that identityContinue reading “Castle of Good Hope”