Pitkin-Conrow House

California has many reasons to visit, and one more would be the Pitkin-Conrow House. This elegant Victorian home is located in Arroyo Grande, CA, and has a legend of being haunted. In 1890, Charles Pitkin had the house built as a wedding present for his new wife, Julia Louis Goodwin. Two years after the houseContinue reading “Pitkin-Conrow House”

Haunted -Salem

Everyone who has gone through public school has at one time or another learned about Salem, Massachusetts. How in 1692 there was mass hysteria, and innocent people were accused, tried, convicted, and executed for being a witch. Books and movies have discussed this subject in great detail and I don’t plan to do that here,Continue reading “Haunted -Salem”

Rocky Hill Castle

Alabama has some awesome options when looking to find a haunted location. Today we visit another reputed haunted location, but sadly the original plantation house is no longer there, and another house has been built. But let’s talk about Rocky Hill Castle in Courtland, AL. In the mid-1820’s James Edmonds Saunders and his wife arrivedContinue reading “Rocky Hill Castle”

Haunted Savannah

Several years ago, I was able to visit Savannah, GA, and I loved it. The city is amazing for many reasons; people, architecture, food, history, andHthe haunted history. I highly encourage you to visit Savannah, and for sure take part in a ghost tour, you won’t be disappointed. As we learned last week, New OrleansContinue reading “Haunted Savannah”

Tennessee State Prison

We have heard about prisons being over crowded, violent, and even so high security that you need a papal blessing to gain entry. But inhumane treatment is also something rampant in prisons across the world. Sadly those abuses continue to this day, and when they have happened in the past, the residual energy can createContinue reading “Tennessee State Prison”

Haunted – New Orleans

This month being the month of Halloween, I’m trying to make the majority of my posts be about something spooky, haunted, or Halloween related. There are several places in this world that come to mind when I think of haunted, supernatural, or paranormal. One of them is New Orleans. I have discussed a couple ofContinue reading “Haunted – New Orleans”

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Welcome to Kingsport, Tennessee! Home of the Sensabaugh Tunnel that was built in the 1920’s, and named after Edward Sensabaugh who owned the land at the time. It has now become an Urban Legend of paranormal prominence. There are three versions of the history of the Sensabaugh Tunnel. Which one do you feel is theContinue reading “Sensabaugh Tunnel”

Bachelor’s Grove

I’ve talked about some cemeteries before on this site, but I saved Bachelor’s Grove for October. I figured it was a great way to start off one of the best months of the year. Let’s dig into the paranormal soil that resides inside the gates of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Chicago, IL; home to the WillisContinue reading “Bachelor’s Grove”

Old Bryce Mental Institute

Being from the Northern part of the country, I don’t often get the opportunity to explore the Southern states. Not only are they warmer (note to self, don’t go in summer) but they have as much, if not more history than my home state. (Go Badgers!) So when the chance to explore comes about, andContinue reading “Old Bryce Mental Institute”