PSA: Perfume should not replace proper bathing. Don’t use it to cover up body odor. You can’t open a magazine these days without seeing an advertisement for a perfume, body spray, or new scent. We are inundated with perfume samples, some floral, some powdery, some citrus, some are musky, all of them can be overwhelming.Continue reading “Perfume”

Getting the right amount of H2O

Water is essential for survival. We can go without food longer than we can survive without water. But when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or even exclude sugary drinks from our diets, how much water should we be drinking daily? Why does our body require water? Water is needed in the bodyContinue reading “Getting the right amount of H2O”

Shaving the Right Way

It’s probably fair to say that many of have shaved at some point in our lives. Whether we choose to still shave is a matter of preference and I’m not here to tell you do shave, that is your own choice. I’m here to help you IF you choose to shave to ensure you doContinue reading “Shaving the Right Way”

The Skin Issue

Yes, it’s a play on those magazines that proclaim that their new issue is going to be solely focused on that one elusive thing, the female orgasm, the husband that loves to clean the house, or the best way to declutter and upcycle all those old bed sheets you have. You know what I mean,Continue reading “The Skin Issue”

The Battle for Our Body – Showering

We’ve talked about our faces we’ve battled and bled (hopefully not, but people with sensitive skin may have) and now we will battle it out over the rest of our bodies. As with the skin care battles, this will also be a multi-post series on caring for our bodies. Please come along for the ride,Continue reading “The Battle for Our Body – Showering”