Holiday Treat – Divinity

Have you all had this treat? If I have, I don’t recall it. But it seems like it’s a classic recipe that was popular, back in the 60’s. So, let’s relive a classic recipe and enjoy a non-baked treat. Divinity: Ingredients: 2 ⅔ cups white sugar ⅔ cup light corn syrup ½ cup water 2 eggContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Divinity”

Holiday Treat – Lemon Volcanoes

I don’t generally like lemon flavored foods, I love the smell of lemons, and the taste in a beverage, but to eat, not as much. I know that I am in the minority when it comes to that, so I was happy to find a unique recipe that caters to those lemon lovers out there,Continue reading “Holiday Treat – Lemon Volcanoes”

Holiday Treat – Brown Betty Buttons

I’ve never heard of this cookie! So I’m glad to share new recipes with you, and hope you share with me the results of your baking. Now I love the idea of a sandwich cookie with raspberry filling. I can only think that a chocolate coating would also be fabulous, let me know if youContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Brown Betty Buttons”

Holiday Treat – Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

It’s not a secret in my family, I dislike Maraschino cherries. Hate them in fact. I love real fresh cherries, but don’t give me those fake cherries. This recipe includes them, but since they are in a cookie, I’m willing to overlook them. Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies Ingredients: ½ cup butter 1 cup white sugarContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies”

Holiday Treat – Pecan Praline Cookies

When I had gone to Savannah several years ago, I was introduced to Pralines. I was in love with them since then. This recipe is rather simple and hopefully one that you will enjoy. It gives you that sugary, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy, that Pralines promise. Enjoy! Pecan Praline Cookies Ingredients: 35 graham crackers 1 cupContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Pecan Praline Cookies”

Holiday Treat – Mexican Wedding Cookies

These cookies go by many names, Pecan Kisses, Polvorones, Snowballs, Russian Tea Cakes, and many other names as well. I enjoy eating these cookies, and now that I know they are rather easy to make, I foresee these cookies being made in my house. Mexican Wedding Cookies Ingredients: 1 cup butter ½ cup white sugarContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Mexican Wedding Cookies”

Holiday Treat – Buckeyes

I’ve never tried these treats. I probably never even knew they existed, and now I feel like I have been deprived. Who doesn’t love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate? This recipe is also a great one for kids, as it is non-bake so no way to burn little hands and fingers. Buckeyes: Ingredients:Continue reading “Holiday Treat – Buckeyes”

Holiday Treat – White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

My absolute favorite cookie is a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, however that doesn’t say Holiday to me. However, this combination of white chocolate and cranberry scream holidays to me. So, this one is near the top of my favorites list as well. Enjoy with some white chocolate cocoa, or a yuletide favorite Egg Nog.Continue reading “Holiday Treat – White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies”

Holiday Treat – Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is one of my weaknesses. It’s something that chocolate snobs feel is the only “real” chocolate. I don’t consider myself a chocolate snob, I will enjoy all varieties of chocolate, and truffles. I will risk a busy mall and cross old ladies with canes out of my way to get toContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Dark Chocolate Truffles”

Holiday Treat – Meringue Cookies

Hello Friends! Today we have another treat, meringue cookies. These little pillows are light, crisp, and can be flavored with anything that you like! I hope you enjoy making, eating, and sharing Meringue Cookies! Meringue Cookies Ingredients: 3 large egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla extract* 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar Dash of salt 2/3 cup granulated sugar Directions: PreheatContinue reading “Holiday Treat – Meringue Cookies”