Christmas Movie – The Polar Express

The book, The Polar Express, was written in 1986 and is a winner of the Caldecott Medal for children’s books. But the book was adapted into a movie until 2004. Never having read the book, nor watched the entire movie, I know this one that my children recommended for the 12 Movies of Christmas, soContinue reading “Christmas Movie – The Polar Express”

National Frankenstein Friday

I was originally going to post about a paranormal location, but when I realized that today is National Frankenstein Friday, I knew I had to make this the subject for the day. There are two days in the year that celebrate the monster known as Frankenstein. Doctor Frankenstein created a living monster from body partsContinue reading “National Frankenstein Friday”

Happy Fourth of July

Today the United States celebrates its freedom from the British Empire in 1776. Today our country adopted the Declaration of Independence and started to make a name for themselves. Here are some fun facts about the Fourth of July celebrations now: Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs during the 4th of July Fireworks areContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July”